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Undergraduate Catalog | 2017-2018 
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Admission to the University


The University considers applications for admission without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, or disability.  It reserves the right to withhold the admission of applicants who fail to meet any of the requirements for admission and to restrict enrollments as required by budgetary or other constraints.

Enrollment Management

The Division of Enrollment Management actively identifies, counsels, recruits, and enrolls a qualified and diverse population of undergraduate students and offers services that promote student retention and success. The Offices of Undergraduate Admissions, Student Financial Aid, University Registrar, Adult Students and Evening Services, Residency Determination Office, University Scholarship Office, Call Center Operations, and Solutions Management report to the Associate Provost for Enrollment Management. These offices, in collaboration with faculty and staff in other administrative units, work to provide a seamless transition from admission to enrollment to graduation and beyond.

The Enrollment Management units interface with most campus entities, particularly the faculty, Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Alumni Affairs, Academic Services, and Business Affairs. Additionally, these offices work regularly with external entities such as high schools, community colleges, government agencies, community groups, and relevant professional organizations. Visit the Enrollment Management website at enrollment.uncc.edu for more information.

Admissions Process

Applications for admission are reviewed when all required credentials are received. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Official transcripts must be received for the application to be reviewed. The review focuses on the academic history of the applicant and considers all relevant factors. The intent of the University is to offer admission to applicants whose credentials indicate a strong likelihood for success in their selected curricula. It is not possible to accommodate all the applicants who meet the minimum criteria, and some programs select the best qualified from those meeting the minimum requirements.

By delegation from the Chancellor, the Admissions Advisory Committee has the authority to grant limited exceptions to the standard entrance requirements set forth in this Catalog and prescribed by the University of North Carolina Board of Governors policies. Exceptions for student-athletes are made by the Chancellor after review and recommendation by the Director of Athletics, the Faculty Athletics Representative, and the Athletic Academic Center under the direction of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. Notification of the admissions decision is mailed as soon as the decision is made. For programs that have a special admissions process, such as Architecture and Nursing, notification will be later than for other programs.

Students planning to live on campus should complete the online housing form at housing.uncc.edu after they receive confirmation of their acceptance in the mail.

Information about undergraduate programs is available from:

Office of Undergraduate Admissions
Cato Hall
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
9201 University City Boulevard
Charlotte, North Carolina 28223-0001
Telephone: 704-687-5507
Fax: 704-687-1664
E-mail: admissions@uncc.edu
Web: admissions.uncc.edu

International Admissions

International students should contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions by telephone at 704-687- 5507, by fax at 704-687-1664, or by email at intl.admissions@uncc.edu. The primary focus is the admission of students on non-immigrant visas. Undergraduate Admissions processes applications, evaluates credentials, makes admissions decisions, and serves as consultant to prospective students, academic advisors, sponsors, and agencies representing international students and departments. When students are admitted, Undergraduate Admissions provides documentation to the International Student/Scholar Office for Immigration purposes. Application forms and additional information are available online at admissions.uncc.edu/international.

When to Apply

Applicants are advised to submit their applications for admission well in advance of the schedule below. The suggested deadline dates are based on the amount of time generally required to process an application and inform the applicant of the admission decision. Early application is generally advantageous and particularly for programs with limits on the number of new students that can be accepted.

Freshman Deadline Dates
Applications Completed By: Applicants Notified of Decision By:
November 1  January 31
February 1*  April 1

*Freshman students whose applications are completed after the February 1 date will be considered on a space available basis.

Transfer Deadline Dates
Term Suggested
Fall March 15 May 15 August
Spring September 1 November 15 January
1st Summer January 1 May 1 May
2nd Summer January 1 May 15 July

Deadlines for international students are earlier. Please refer to the Undergraduate Admissions website for current deadlines.

The University may alter the dates for acceptance of applications without further notice in accordance with available resources and the enrollment limitation established by the North Carolina General Assembly. For the most current deadlines, please refer to the Undergraduate Admissions website at admissions.uncc.edu.

Admission Application

The applicant is responsible for supplying all required credentials. Credentials must be official documents and not student copies. Nondisclosure of an applicant’s complete academic history will result in rejection of the application and/or immediate dismissal from the University.

Freshmen Applicants

For Freshman Admission, the application includes:

  1. A completed online Application for Undergraduate Admission form.
  2. Application fee of $60 (nonrefundable and nondeductible).
  3. Official high school transcript class, GPA computed on a 4.0 scale, and senior courses in progress. (A high school equivalency certificate or GED may be submitted in lieu of a high school diploma.)
  4. Official Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) and/or American College Testing Program (ACT) scores.
  5. Additional credentials, specified below, for international applications.

Transfer Applicants

For Transfer Admission, the application includes:

  1. A completed online Application for Undergraduate Admission form.
  2. Application fee of $60 (nonrefundable and nondeductible).
  3. Official high school transcript. (This may be waived for applicants who have already completed a B.A., B.S., or B.F.A. degree.)
  4. One official transcript from every college attended, including summer sessions and any dual enrollment courses taken while enrolled in high school.
  5. Additional credentials, specified below, for foreign educated applicants.

International Applicants

For Admission of International Applicants, the application also includes:

  1. Official scores on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Testing System (IELTS) if the applicant’s native language is something other than English.
  2. A course by course evaluation for all coursework completed outside of the United States.
  3. A Statement of Financial Responsibility showing the applicant’s financial resources while in the United States.

Any student whose native language is not English will be required to submit proof of English language proficiency.

Admission Requirements

Freshman Admission Requirements

Candidates for admission to freshman standing, including transfer applicants who present fewer than 24 hours of transferred credit, must:

  1. Submit a completed application for admission. A completed application is defined as the application, test scores, and the official documents from all schools attended.
  2. Have graduated from an approved or accredited high school or have earned a high school equivalency certificate or G.E.D.
  3. Present the following High School Course Units: 4 units in English, emphasizing grammar, composition and literature; 4 units in mathematics, including Algebra I, Algebra II, and geometry, and a higher level mathematics course for which Algebra II is a prerequisite; 2 units in social studies, including one unit in U.S. history; and 3 units in science, including at least one unit in a life or biological science (e.g., biology), at least one unit in a physical science (e.g., chemistry, physics, physical science), and at least one laboratory course; and 2 units of the same foreign language. It is recommended that the candidate for admission also complete a third unit of the same foreign language. Seniors should select a challenging academic schedule that includes English, math, science, social studies (history), and a foreign language.
  4. Present a satisfactory combination of high school grades and SAT or ACT scores.
  5. Present all college-level work completed in high school by submitting one official copy from any college or university attended.
  6. Request official Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) test results to be sent directly to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions (Code 5105).
  7. Satisfy any additional requirements for acceptance into their chosen major (if any).
  8. Present verification of specific immunizations required by North Carolina state law described later in this section of the Catalog. An Immunizations Form is available to download online at studenthealth.uncc.edu.

Transfer Admission Requirements

Candidates for admission as transfer students must:

  1. Submit a completed application for admission. A completed application is defined as the application and the official documents from all schools attended, including summer sessions and dual enrollment courses from high school.
  2. Satisfy the requirements for freshman admission if they do not present at least 24 hours of transferred credit accepted by UNC Charlotte.
  3. Present the High School Course Units (required of all students under the age of 21) specified in the Freshman Admission Requirements. Transfer applicants who did not complete the required course units in high school may earn an Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, or Associate in Fine Arts, Associate of Engineering degree or complete 24 hours of transferable credit.
  4. Present an academic average of at least C (a grade point average of at least 2.0 on a 4.0 scale) on all post-secondary courses attempted, as calculated by the UNC Charlotte Office of Undergraduate Admissions.
  5. Be in good standing at the last college or university attended.
  6. Satisfy any additional requirements for acceptance into their chosen major (if any). For more information concerning selective major requirements, please consult the Admissions website at admissions.uncc.edu.
  7. Present verification of specific immunizations required by North Carolina state law described later in this section of the Catalog. An Immunizations Form is available to download online at studenthealth.uncc.edu.

Refer to the Undergraduate Admissions website for the most current requirements.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Failure to indicate all institutions of higher education attended on any application for admission or readmission to UNC Charlotte is considered falsification of the application and will result in forfeiture of the transfer of all credits from those institutions attended, as well as possible disciplinary action.

Placement/Proficiency Procedures

Placement and proficiency examinations are given to determine the appropriate courses for all new students. 

Foreign Language Proficiency Procedures

There are no foreign language requirements associated with the General Education Program. Students are required to take foreign language only if it is a requirement of their college or major department. The College of Arts + Architecture and the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences have a foreign language requirement.

All students within these colleges are required to demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language of their choice by completing coursework through at least the 1202 level. In order to meet this proficiency requirement, a student may: (1) complete the coursework at UNC Charlotte; (2) complete three years of the same language in high school through level three; (3) achieve a satisfactory score on the foreign language placement exam; (4) transfer in the equivalent courses from another institution; or (5) place out of or earn transfer or transient credit for 1201 and complete the 1202 course, or complete 1201 and place out of or earn transfer or transient credit for 1202. Additionally, students in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences may demonstrate proficiency by transferring in with an AA, AS, or AFA degree.

Although all students in the College of Arts + Architecture and College of Liberal Arts & Sciences are subject to the 1202 proficiency requirement, students in select departments will additionally have to satisfy a proficiency requirement through the intermediate (2000) level. Students should consult with their major department to determine whether or not they are required to complete the intermediate proficiency requirement.

Continuing students, who enrolled prior to Fall 2003 and successfully completed three units of the same foreign language in high school, are exempt from taking the language proficiency test and are considered proficient in that language for General Education; however, certain majors require additional foreign language coursework. Students who do not present three units of the same foreign language in high school must comply with the policy below.

Freshmen and transfers of all majors who entered UNC Charlotte before Fall 2003, are required to pass or place out of the 1102 or 1202 course level of a foreign language. Students who continue study of a language taken in high school must take a UNC Charlotte Foreign Language Placement Exam. These placement exams are offered in French, German, and Spanish during new student orientations and on a regular basis through the school year. Contact the Department of Languages and Culture Studies for additional information.

Mathematics Placement Procedures

Transfer students who do not have transferable mathematics credits required for their program of study must take a placement examination to determine their appropriate entry-level MATH course.  Students with college-level transfer math credit are placed based on the class level of the credit received.  Math placement for new freshmen is based on their math SAT or ACT scores.  Contact the Department of Mathematics and Statistics for additional information. 

University Writing Program Placement Procedures for Non-Native Speakers of English

Non-native speakers of English must attend an orientation session with the University Writing Program to discuss directed self-placement into first-year writing courses.  Undergraduate degree students who are non-native speakers/writers of English have the option of taking either a typical UWRT 1104  course or a specially designated International section of UWRT 1104  that has both multilingual writers and U.S. domestic students.  The UWRT 1104  International section offers students extended opportunities to write in U.S. academic settings while engaging with issues of language difference and diversity in global settings.  In addition to taking UWRT 1104  International, students can use the Writing Resource Center (WRC) for additional support.  To learn more about UWRT 1104  International and the WRC, contact the University Writing Program or the Office of International Programs.

Admission Requirements for Programs

Baccalaureate Programs

Additional requirements beyond acceptance into UNC Charlotte may be required for particular baccalaureate program majors.  See the individual department and program listings for details. 

Undergraduate Certificate Programs

Students who wish to apply for undergraduate certificate programs should consult the Office of Undergraduate Admissions website.  If a student has already received a bachelor’s degree, he/she must meet second baccalaureate degree admissions requirements.  Students who have not received a bachelor’s degree and have attended a college or university must meet transfer admissions requirements.  Students with a high school diploma who have not attended a college or university must meet freshman requirements.  Some certificate programs may have additional requirements.  See the individual certificate listing for details. 

Health Requirements

Health Insurance Requirements

Health insurance is required of all degree-seeking undergraduate students with six or more on-campus credit hours; all degree- or certificate-seeking graduate students with three or more on-campus credit hours; and all international students with an F-1 or J-1 visa, regardless of credit hours. 

Students who are currently uninsured may enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan by completing the enrollment form found on the Student Health Center website.  Pricing is available on the site as well. 

Students with existing health insurance coverage must supply this information online to the Student Health Center every Fall and Spring semester by the posted due date.  See the Student Health Center website for details.  Failure to comply will result in automatic enrollment in the Student Health Insurance Plan for the semester. 

Immunization Requirements

To protect all students at UNC Charlotte, North Carolina state law requires proof of immunizations upon entering the University or within thirty calendar days of the start of a student’s first semester. Under North Carolina regulations, students not in compliance will be dropped from all courses. Upon learning of admission to the University, students should submit their immunization records immediately. Although a health physical is not required for admission to the University, students are strongly encouraged to contact their healthcare provider or local health department to discuss additional recommendations for vaccinations. Further details regarding the immunization requirements including exemptions are available online from the Student Health Center at studenthealth.uncc.edu.  Please consult the website for more detail about the requirements and before submitting records to the University.

Vaccines Required Diphtheria,
Polio2 Measles3 Mumps4 Rubella5 Hepatitis B6
Doses Required 3 3 2 2 1 3

FOOTNOTE1 - DTP (Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis), DTaP (Diphtheria, Tetanus, acellular Pertussis), Td (Tetanus, Diphteria), Tdap (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis): 3 doses of tetanus/diphtheria toxoid of which one must have been within the past 10 years.

Those individuals enrolling in college or university for the first time on or after July 1, 2008 must have had three doses of tetanus/diphtheria toxoid and a booster dose of tetanus/diphtheria/pertussis vaccine if a tetanus/diphtheria toxoid or tetanus/diphtheria/pertussis vaccine has not been administered with the past 10 years.

FOOTNOTE2 - An individual attending school who has attained his or her 18th birthday is not required to receive polio vaccine.

FOOTNOTE3 - Measles vaccines are not required if any of the following occur: Diagnoses of disease prior to January 1, 1994; An individual who has been documented by serological testing to have a protective antibody titer against measles; or An individual born prior to 1957. An individual who enrolled in college or university for the first time before July 1, 1994 is not required to have a second dose of measles vaccine.

FOOTNOTE4- Mumps vaccine is not required if any of the following occur: An individual who has been documented by serological testing to have a protective antibody titer against mumps; An individual born prior to 1957; or Enrolled in college or university for the first time before July 1, 1994. An individual entering college or university prior to July 1, 2008 is not required to receive a second dose of mumps vaccine.

FOOTNOTE5- Rubella vaccine is not required if any of the following occur: 50 years of age or older; Enrolled in college or university before February 1, 1989 and after their 30th birthday; An individual who has been documented by serological testing to have a protective antibody titer against rubella.

FOOTNOTE6- Hepatitis B vaccine is not required if any of the following occur: Born before July 1, 1994.

International Students

Vaccines are required as noted above. Additionally, International students are required to have a TB skin test and negative result within the 12 months preceding the first day of classes (chest x-ray required if test is positive).

Freshman and Transfer Students

Immunization records are not sent with other admission records from your previous school. You must request your immunization records be sent directly to the Student Health Center.

Withdrawal for Non-Compliance and Reinstatement

Students who are not in compliance as determined by the Student Health Center (SHC) will be withdrawn from all of their classes by the Office of the Registrar at the end of the thirty (30) day period. Students are therefore strongly encouraged to submit their immunization records prior to the start of the semester. The SHC will also monitor students who are not in compliance but have been approved by the SHC for an extension to receive the necessary immunizations as indicated by a physician’s letter. Once the date for the extension expires, and if the student is still not in compliance, the SHC will notify the Office of the Registrar that the student has failed to comply with Immunization Requirements. The Office of the Registrar will then withdraw the student from their classes.

If a student is able to provide evidence to the SHC documenting compliance before the end of the last class day of the semester, he/she will be reinstated into their classes. This reinstatement pertains only to student enrollment status and does not in any way guarantee that the academic, financial, and/or other consequences of noncompliance with Immunization Requirements will be remedied. Such consequences may include, but are not limited to, impact on immigration status, financial aid eligibility, University housing, and 49er ID card accounts. Additionally, reinstated students might not be eligible to make up class work, assignments, tests, or exams as faculty are not obligated to allow make-up work. Furthermore, class work, assignments, tests, or exams missed as a result of being withdrawn for noncompliance with Immunization Requirements will not be a valid basis for a grade appeal.

Decisions under this policy cannot be appealed, and students will not be reinstated if they become compliant after the last class day of the semester.

Contact Information

Questions regarding this mandatory requirement may be directed to the Student Health Center Immunizations Department at 704-687-7424.

Please mail your records to:

UNC Charlotte Student Health Center
Attn: Immunization Department
9201 University City Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28223

Adult Students Admission Program (ASAP)

Adult students, 24 years of age or older who have been out of school for five or more years and present appropriate educational credentials, are encouraged to make application through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. This unique program offers adults the opportunity for special admissions status, an academic advisor through the Office of Adult Students and Evening Services (OASES), and adult transitional support services throughout the first two years of their enrollment. Students who declare a major are advised through their major department.

Admission for Second Baccalaureate Degree

Students who have earned a bachelor’s degree from UNC Charlotte and wish to earn a second bachelor’s degree should apply for admission through the Office of the Registrar. Students who have earned a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution other than UNC Charlotte should apply through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. The University automatically waives the General Education requirements for each second degree student. Students may apply for admission to a program leading to a second degree of the same level if the following requirements are met:

  1. A completed application must be sent to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions in accordance with the published application dates.
  2. The major field selected must be different from that of the first degree.
  3. The degree sought must be different from the first when that degree was granted by UNC Charlotte.
  4. The applicant must meet the requirements for acceptance into the selected field.

Readmission of Former Students

For details on readmission of former students, please see the Degree Requirements and Academic Policies  section of this Catalog.

Others Eligible for Admission

Escrow Program

The Escrow Program provides an opportunity for highly qualified students to take college credit courses while enrolled in secondary school. Records of credit earned will be maintained for use at the University or at another institution of higher learning. The program is designed for those students who have exhausted their course offerings at their high school and need to supplement their high school curriculum with college courses. The program is not designed for students who wish to take courses to fulfill high school requirements.

Applicants recommended for participation in the program usually have shown very advanced ability in particular academic areas. The recommendations are normally made by the secondary school principal and are reviewed by the Director of Undergraduate Admissions on an individual basis. Escrow students are not permitted to live in campus housing.

Requests for additional information and application forms should be directed to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Non-Degree Students

Non-degree students are those who are not seeking a degree at UNC Charlotte. On very rare occasions, if space is available, they may enroll in undergraduate courses at the University until they have attempted a total of 18 semester hours with grade evaluation. Students who did not gain admission to a degree-seeking program will not be admitted as a non-degree student. Admission as a non-degree student is up to the discretion of the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Regular degree students will have preference for places in classes. Non-degree students are expected to conform to the standards required of all students. After reaching the 18-hour limit, non-degree students must be reviewed and be acceptable for regular degree status before continuing at the University.

Non-degree students who have done previous college work (including UNC Charlotte) must be eligible to return to the institution last attended.

The student must be 18 years of age or over and must understand at the time of his/her registration that the work completed in non-degree student status will be evaluated in terms of major department and degree requirements only after the student’s formal admission to a degree program.

Visiting Students

Students enrolled at other colleges and universities who wish to take specified courses at the University in a given semester or term may be admitted as visiting students. They register on a space available basis after UNC Charlotte degree-seeking students and must submit a new application for each term they would like to attend as a visiting student. Visiting students are admitted for the Summer terms only. Visitors are not permitted to enroll for Fall or Spring semesters.

New Student Orientation, Registration, and Convocation

Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR)

New undergraduate students are encouraged to participate in one of the Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR) sessions scheduled during the Summer and immediately prior to the start of the Fall and Spring semesters. Separate programs are offered for freshmen, transfers, and their parents and family members. Activities include academic advising, introduction to academic support services, student organizations, and campus life; and registration for classes. Contact the Office of New Student and Family Services at 704-687-2375 or visit soar.uncc.edu for additional information.

International Student Orientation

An orientation, held at the beginning of every semester, is required for non-resident (F-1 and J-1 visas) students. Orientation topics include immigration, academics, cultural adjustment, and program opportunities. Contact the International Student/Scholar Office or visit their website online at isso.uncc.edu for more information.

Day of Convocation

The Day of Convocation is a day dedicated to welcome and introduce new undergraduate students (freshmen and transfers) to the UNC Charlotte community.  It is typically the first day of classes.  The day starts with students assembling with the Dean of their colleges for the Dean’s Welcome.  Then, students walk as a group to the Dale Halton Arena to participate in the New Student Convocation ceremony.  The ceremony is followed by departmental and collegiate activities.  See studentconvocation.uncc.edu for more information.

New Student Convocation

The New Student Convocation is a ceremony attended by faculty, first-year course instructors and students to officially welcome and induct new undergraduate students into the UNC Charlotte community of learners.  During the convocation ceremony, students learn about UNC Charlotte’s history, mission, values, and academic expectations.  Just as graduation marks the completion of a course of study, Convocation marks the beginning of the new students’ academic journey at UNC Charlotte.  The New Student Convocation Ceremony is part of the Day of Convocation events.