May 20, 2024  
Undergraduate Catalog | 2020-2021 
Undergraduate Catalog | 2020-2021 Previous Edition

What’s New This Year?

New Programs

New undergraduate degrees and programs that appear for the first time in this Catalog include:

Bachelor’s Degrees
Bachelor’s Degrees with new Concentrations
Graduate Early Entry Programs

Program Changes

Major changes to existing undergraduate degree programs include:

Discontinued Programs

Discontinued undergraduate degrees and programs include:

  • Minor in Applied Anthropology
  • Early Entry Program for Ph.D. in Health Psychology

Additional Changes

  • The Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies  was established (formerly University Writing Program)
  • The School of Data Science  was established
  • DTSC prefix / Data Science courses  added
  • Summer Terms renamed:
    • Extended Summer => Summer Full Term
    • Summer I => Summer First Half
    • Summer II => Summer Second Half
  • The Tuition Surcharge imposed on students who take more than 140 credit hours to complete a 4-year program or more than 110% of the hours necessary to complete a 5-year program was repealed by the State of North Carolina