May 30, 2024  
Undergraduate Catalog | 2022-2023 
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Honors College

The Honors College offers academically motivated, high-potential learners from all communities access to opportunities for intellectual breadth, undergraduate research, service learning, and a community feeling within the context of a large public research university.  Comprised of several distinct honors programs, each with its own admission and graduation requirements, the Honors College is a campus hub for undergraduate honors courses, enrichment opportunities, merit scholars programs, honors scholarships, study abroad, community service, faculty lectures, and University-wide advising for pre-health professions and competitive national awards like the Rhodes, Truman, and Goldwater.  An honors residence option in Levine Hall is also available for all students in the Honors College.

University Honors Program

Academic Departments and Colleges Honors Programs

Many academic departments and colleges have honors programs enabling students to graduate with honors distinction in their academic discipline or college.  This recognition will appear on students’ official academic transcripts.

Honors programs in colleges include:

Honors programs in academic departments and interdisciplinary programs include:

Information on how to apply and graduate with honors from a college or a specific academic discipline can be found in this Catalog under each academic discipline with an honors program.