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Undergraduate Catalog | 2015-2016 
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Honors College

The Honors College offers academically talented and highly motivated students opportunities for intellectual breadth, undergraduate research, service learning, and a community feeling within the context of a large public research university. Comprised of several distinct honors programs, each with its own standards for admission and requirements for graduation, the Honors College is a campus hub for undergraduate honors courses, enrichment opportunities, Crown Scholars, merit scholarships, study abroad, community service, faculty lectures, and University-wide advising for pre-health professions and prestigious award nominations. An honors residence option is also available for all students in the Honors College. 

University Honors Program, Honors College

The University Honors Program (UHP) in the Honors College offers a unique undergraduate experience. UHP is designed to offer a balance of academic coursework, community engagement, and leadership experiences. Undergraduates and entering First-Year students in all majors who have a record of academic success and motivation to succeed may apply to UHP. The UHP curriculum emphasizes reflective practices through its courses, enrichment experiences, and service projects which culminate in the Honors senior project, a comprehensive capstone portfolio. The University Honors Program encourages its students to participate in Education Abroad programs, research symposia and conferences, and research opportunities. All students in UHP are also part of the UHP Student Association where students enjoy social events and service projects. UHP students graduate with University Honors Program distinction noted on their official transcripts.


To graduate with University Honors Program Distinction, students must satisfy the following requirements:

  1. HONR 1700 - Freshman Honors Colloquium  with a passing grade (if entering the program as a First-Year student in the Fall semester)
  2. LBST 2215 - Citizenship  in the Sophomore year or higher (Honors sections only)
  3. 15 hours of HONR courses and/or Honors sections of LBST courses
  4. Complete the Application to Candidacy process for graduating with Honors, as directed by the Honors College
  5. HONR 3791 - University Honors Senior Project , or an approved discipline-based honors thesis/project, with a grade of A
  6. Maintain a minimum overall GPA of 3.0, and a 3.2 GPA in honors coursework
  7. Maintain “good standing” status through participation in the UHP Student Association

Students may graduate with dual honors by completing all departmental/college honors requirements, in addition to UHP requirements. In this case, the departmental thesis will satisfy the UHP project requirement.

Students in dual honors programs may count one 3000-level honors course toward their 15 hours of honors electives.

Students studying aboard may request equivalency credits for honors coursework from the Director of the University Honors Program.


University Honors Program students are encouraged to live in the Honors College Residence, located on the third floor of Witherspoon Hall, which provides an environment especially conducive to study and cooperative learning.

Student Association

Students in the University Honors Program are also part of the University Honors Program Student Association. The student-led organization organizes social events, special discussions, student mentoring, and community service projects. All UHP students are required to attend meetings and participate in two community service projects each semester in order to remain in good standing.


Honors Programs in Academic Departments and Colleges

Many academic departments and colleges have honors programs enabling students to graduate with honors distinction in their academic discipline or college.  This recognition will appear on students’ official academic transcripts.

Honors programs in colleges include:

Honors programs in academic departments and programs include:

Information on how to apply and graduate with honors from a college or a specific academic discipline can be found in this Catalog under each academic discipline with an honors program.

Pre-Health Professions and Pre-Medical School Advising

The Honors College maintains a proactive pre-health advising office to serve all undergraduates seeking careers in a variety of health care professions, including, but not limited to: medicine, physical therapy, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, optometry, dentistry, occupational therapy, podiatry, and physician assistant. For details, please see the Preparation for Professional Schools  heading in the Student Life, Resources, and Services section of this Catalog.

Scholarships for Advanced Undergraduate and Graduate Study

The Honors College, working with the Office of International Programs and the Levine Scholars Program, supports applications and nominations for many national and international scholarships for advanced undergraduate and graduate study. These scholarships, from a number of foundations and national organizations including Rhodes, Marshall, James Madison, Barry M. Goldwater, Jack Kent Cooke, Phi Kappa Phi, and National Science Foundation, require extensive application procedures and are awarded only to the most outstanding applicants. Students with exemplary academic records-combined with service and leadership-may be nominated for these highly selective graduate and, in some cases, advanced undergraduate awards. Most also require an on-campus review and institutional endorsement of completed applications.

The Honors College also coordinates UNC Charlotte Alumni Association Scholarships, which preference students in honors programs, as well as four scholarships for honors students: Avenir Scholarship, Narron Scholarship, Narron Travel Award, and Al Maisto Honors College Endowed Scholarship.