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Undergraduate Catalog | 2018-2019 
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ITSC 3155 - Software Engineering

An introduction to software engineering, which advances the study and application of engineering principles, methods, and techniques that can help us to improve the process of creating software as well as the resulting software products.  The course covers fundamentals of software engineering, including: modern software process models; eliciting, specifying, and evaluating software system requirements; designing software systems to embody required quality attributes, including usability and security; an introduction to reusable software design solutions in the form of software architectural styles and design patterns; software system modeling, implementation, and deployment; and software quality assurance (measurement, inspection, testing).  Project planning, working in teams, and using modern software development tools are also explored.

Credit Hours: (3)
Prerequisite(s): ITSC 2214  
Most Recently Offered (Day): Fall 2018, Spring 2018, Fall 2017
Most Recently Offered (Evening): Course has not been offered at this time in the past 3 years

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