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ENGL 6995 - Thesis Preparation

Students completing the thesis over the course of two semesters will take this
course in the semester before they take ENGL 6996. Appropriate research and
written exposition of that research, which may or may not be an outgrowth of work
done in previous courses. If the thesis is the outgrowth of previous coursework,
considerable additional research and exposition must be done beyond that
previously undertaken. The proposed thesis work, as well as the final product, will
be approved by a committee of three graduate faculty appropriate to the topic,
appointed by the Graduate Program Director after consultation with the student, on
the basis of a written proposal from the student. It is recommended that thesis work
not be undertaken until near the end of the student’s program. The thesis title is to
be shown on the student’s final transcript. A Creative thesis option is available for
students who have completed appropriate coursework in Creative Writing. (A
statement of recommendations and requirements for form and procedures is
available in the Department of English.)

Credit Hours: 3
Repeatability: No

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