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Undergraduate Catalog | 2017-2018 
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Department of History

History is the broadest and most integrative of all disciplines concerned with human beings and society. Today’s historians use the research tools of the social sciences to understand and explain major events and changes in human experience over time. Yet history has always been considered one of the humanities, and it remains so because historians are concerned with issues of value and meaning, with the significance that historical events had for the lives of individuals and groups. Students of history gain an understanding of people, groups, and society and a sensitivity both to detailed research and the “big picture.” Through the study of history, students can become better prepared for life in a rapidly changing world and a rapidly evolving economy.

Professions like law and medicine have always considered history an ideal undergraduate major because it emphasizes the essential intellectual skills: critical thinking, research, writing, and speaking.  For these reasons history also remains a sound preparation for almost any undergraduate and a good choice for the typical student in America, who graduates with a basic education rather than specific job training.  Whether students plan to teach, work in archives or museums, or pursue a career in government, law, international organizations, or business, the skills learned as a historian will prove invaluable.  The Department of History offers majors the premier track in Comprehensive Social Studies Teacher Licensure.  Through the master’s program, history majors can pursue their interests at the graduate level. (See the UNC Charlotte Graduate Catalog.)

Study Abroad

Arrangements can be made for study abroad in Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, or Canada.


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