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Undergraduate Catalog | 2022-2023 
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Department of English

The Department of English fosters students’ abilities to think critically, to read analytically, and to communicate effectively in oral and written form.  A Major in English helps students develop an “advanced literacy” that enables them to excel in analytical argumentation, problem-solving, and understanding diverse cultural perspectives.

Specifically, English classes teach students to engage critically with various kinds of “texts”: from daily language use to technical manuals, from Shakespearean drama to film, from lyric poetry to children’s literature.  As a result, English majors learn:

  • How to work critically and creatively with a diverse array of complex ideas and texts
  • How to construct effective written texts of various kinds
  • How to think flexibly about the world we occupy and to adapt written and oral communication accordingly
  • How to move easily and confidently between the realms of written, spoken, visual, and electronic communication
  • How to operate and communicate effectively across disciplines in the humanities and sciences
  • How to understand the complex interactions between written texts and social worlds (real and virtual)
  • How to locate, critically analyze, and make use of research materials
  • How to engage with a variety of writing and digital technologies

Because advanced literacy skills are in high demand, students find careers in fields such as teaching, technical/professional writing, creative writing, editing, publishing, advertising, public relations, and nonprofits, as well as in business, financial services, and banking.  Others pursue advanced degrees in literature, law, medicine, teaching, and business administration.

English graduate students often go on to pursue similar careers, but their advanced degrees give them additional opportunities for professional achievement.  Master’s students are successful in their pursuit of Ph.D. degrees, as well as positions in professional writing, teaching, and administration.  Please see the UNC Charlotte Graduate Catalog for details on graduate programs.




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