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Undergraduate Catalog | 2016-2017 
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Management Information Systems, Minor

The Minor in Management Information Systems is designed to provide students who have an interest in business information systems with a broad foundation for integrating information technology techniques and concepts into their major field of study in business. The demand for business graduates who are knowledgeable about designing, planning, developing, managing, and evaluating of information systems continues to increase as the economy moves from a manufacturing to an information base. The demand for MGIS professionals has increased dramatically during the past ten years and the trend is expected to continue. However, there is also an increase in the demand for management information systems professionals who have an in-depth understanding of the application domain and who can apply MGIS concepts in contexts which are more specific to their major. Thus, professionals with a primary interest and expertise in marketing, health care, banking, finance, accounting, and management are being sought by business application-area specialists.

The focus of the Minor in MGIS is to impart a framework for understanding MGIS and for utilizing its tools to the student’s major. The minor will offer graduates a competitive advantage in terms of the types of positions for which they qualify. Graduates of the program will be able to act as technical liaisons between MGIS professionals and their “home” departments, as sales specialists for specialized software/applications systems, and as technical representatives.

The Minor in MGIS is directed not only at UNC Charlotte students majoring in business but also those majoring in other Colleges. The benefits of a Minor in MGIS include increased marketability in informationdependent firms in the public and private sector and the ability to leverage one’s major discipline with stateof- the-art computing knowledge. A key benefit of taking MGIS courses is that students learn to effectively use technology in business settings.

Minor Requirements

To be accepted into the Minor in MGIS and to progress into the upper division of the College, a student must present a minimum 2.5 GPA overall and Junior standing. A Minor in Management Information Systems requires a minimum 15 semester hours (five courses) for students who have taken the business prerequisites listed below. Students may attempt each of these courses two times.

Grade Requirements

To obtain this minor, students must meet the University requirements of a GPA of at least 2.0 overall and in the courses for the minor.  Students must earn a minimum grade of C in all required and elective minor courses and their prerequisite courses.  When students repeat a course, both the old and new grades are included in the minor and overall GPA.  Courses repeated under the Grade Replacement Policy are excluded from the minor and overall GPA computation.  However, this repeated course does count as an attempt.   Students must also meet the Belk College of Business residency requirements listed under the “Degree Requirements” heading on the main College of Business page .