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Undergraduate Catalog | 2016-2017 
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Early Entry: Public Health or Health Administration, MPH or MHA

Exceptional BSPH students (or those pursuing a related baccalaureate degree concurrent with the Minor in Public Health) selected for the Early Entry program may begin graduate coursework in their Senior year toward the Master of Public Health (MPH) or the Master of Health Administration (MHA).  The Early Entry Program is accelerated; that is, up to twelve credit hours may be taken at the graduate level and double counted toward both the undergraduate and graduate degrees.  Students may leave the program with their baccalaureate degree, or they may complete the remaining coursework required to earn the MPH or the MHA.  Students pursuing the Early Entry option can reduce the time needed to earn both degrees by one semester.

Admission Requirements

Applicants to the MPH or MHA Early Entry Program must:  1) have Junior standing at the time of application (and have completed at least 75 credit hours by the proposed entry semester); 2) be enrolled in the Public Health (upper-division) major OR enrolled in a related major and the Minor in Public Health; and 3) have at least a 3.20 overall GPA and a minimum 3.5 GPA from at least 12 credit hours in the Department of Public Health Sciences (HLTH courses) by the end of the Fall semester prior to starting the Early Entry Program.  Early Entry applicants submit a full graduate application, including scores of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).

Accepted Early Entry students have provisional graduate admission pending the award of the baccalaureate degree and must complete their undergraduate degree requirements by the time they have completed 15 credit hours of graduate work.

Interested students should consult with the MPH or MHA Program Director about their eligibility for this program.