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Undergraduate Catalog | 2016-2017 
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University Writing Program

First-Year Writing (FYW) and the Writing Resources Center (WRC) constitute the University Writing Program, a free-standing academic program of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, comprised of pedagogical and research activities related to the development of writing ability as well as to disciplinary inquiry in the fields of rhetoric and composition.   

First-Year Writing

The First-Year Writing program supports a spiral model of literate development.  The program encourages students to become aware of their own literate development and practices so that they might rhetorically read and compose print, visual, and multimodal forms of writing more intentionally at the University and beyond.  Students learn that various forms of writing all have their own conventions that can be adapted to serve different purposes.  Writers are taught that sophisticated writing requires sophisticated understanding of contexts, tools, and audiences.

Learning is fostered by continually encouraging students to critically reflect on their own composing practices, assumptions, and goals with writing.  Writing includes inquiry, reflection, and assumes a process approach.  Students use writing to learn and develop their compositions by collaborating with peers and their teacher.  They also learn how to conduct research, organize evidence, recognize and adapt writing conventions, and revise work to refine their ideas and respond to reader feedback.  

Writing Resources Center

The Writing Resources Center (WRC) provides one-on-one and group consultation on writing and writing projects to students, faculty, and staff in all disciplines and at all levels.  Students from first-year to graduate are assisted in an active, collaborative learning environment.   The Center includes computing facilities and a variety of writing-related instructional materials.

Staffed by trained undergraduate and graduate students from a variety of disciplines, the WRC offers teaching experience and leadership opportunities to tutors as they develop their own writing abilities and interpersonal skills.  All writing assistants participate in ongoing professional development in theory, research, and practice of writing and tutoring pedagogy.  In addition to ongoing professional development and research, WRC staff also give presentations and host workshops across the University on topics such as disciplinary writing, avoiding plagiarism, documenting sources, peer response, and revision strategies.

As a University-wide service invested in the teaching and learning of writing in every discipline, the WRC coordinates its efforts with other academic support services.  The Center participates in University policy-making concerning writing and joins in the design and implementation of campus writing initiatives.

To schedule an appointment or to learn more, visit the Writing Resources Center website.