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Graduate Catalog | 2016-2017 
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Health Administration and Health Informatics, MHA/M.S., Dual Degree

The Dual Master of Health Administration (MHA) and Professional Science Master’s in Health Informatics (HI PSM) degree program allows students to earn both a Master of Health Administration  and a M.S. in Health Informatics  degree. The dual MHA and HI PSM program (outlined below) consists of 65 credit hours of coursework, as opposed to the 86 required if pursuing these degrees separately.

Both programs’ admissions committees will review applicants to the dual program. Applicants might be offered admission into only the individual MHA or HI PSM programs instead of the dual program. Similarly, students admitted into the dual program may opt to matriculate into only the MHA or HI PSM program. Students having matriculated into either the MHA or HI PSM program desiring to add the dual degree must apply and gain admission to the dual degree no later than the end of their first semester of matriculation into either program.