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Undergraduate Catalog | 2017-2018 
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Mechanical Engineering, Motorsports Engineering Concentration, B.S.M.E.

The B.S.M.E. with a Concentration in Motorsports Engineering program is intended for students interested in specialized and systematic training and education in the area of automotive engineering as it pertains to motorsports.  Students completing the requirements described in this program will receive a special designation on their transcripts showing that they have completed the Motorsports Engineering concentration. 

Additional Admission Requirements

Students must apply for admission and may enter the program during the Sophomore or Junior years only. To be admitted to the program, students must have completed PHYS 2101 , PHYS 2101L , MATH 1242 , ENGR 1202 , and UWRT 1103  or UWRT 1104 , all with grades of C or above and have a minimum GPA of 2.5.

Degree Requirements

A Major in Mechanical Engineering with a Concentration in Motorsports Engineering consists of a total of 124 credit hours.

General Education Courses (18-19 credit hours)

For details on required LBST and UWRT courses, refer to the General Education Program .  Students in this major should plan on taking the following Social Science course that meets general education and major requirements.

Restricted Elective Courses (18 credit hours)

Mathematics and Statistics Elective Course (3 credit hours)

All MEGR students are required to complete: a) a math elective and b) a course with appropriate statistics content.  Two options are available:

Option 2:

Motorsports Technical Elective Courses (12 credit hours)

Select four 3-credit hour courses from a list of approved Motorsports Technical Electives available from the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Science.

Degree Total = 124 credit hours

Suggested Curriculum

For the suggested course sequence toward completing the major, please see the Academic Plan of Study available online at  Consultation with an advisor is required each semester.