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Undergraduate Catalog | 2017-2018 
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Children’s Literature and Childhood Studies, Minor

The Minor in Children’s Literature and Childhood Studies (CLCS) provides students with an opportunity to study children’s literature within the context of the interdisciplinary field of childhood studies. The minor recognizes that the academic study of children’s literature is intrinsically linked to other disciplines that focus on particular aspects of childhood. In addition to taking courses in children’s literature, students participating in this minor select courses pertaining to such childrelated topics as language acquisition, child psychology, education, juvenile law, pediatric nursing, and the history and culture of childhood.

Program Requirements

The Minor in Children’s Literature and Childhood Studies consists of 18 credit hours at the 2000-level and above.

Children’s Literature Courses (9 credit hours)


*At least 6 hours must be in courses that do not focus on children’s literature. Other courses that do not appear on the list, especially topics and independent study courses, may be approved if they pertain to child-related topics. 

Grade Requirements

A GPA of 2.0 or above in all English courses taken is required for graduation.


The Department of English allows English majors who minor in Children’s Literature and Childhood Studies, Diverse Literatures and Cultural Studies, Linguistics, or Technical/Professional Writing to count only two courses from the minor toward fulfillment of the major degree requirements.


Students majoring in Elementary Education may not apply any of their required professional education courses toward this minor.