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Undergraduate Catalog | 2017-2018 
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Music, Composition Concentration, B.M.

The Bachelor of Music (B.M.) with a Concentration in Composition is designed for students who are planning careers as composers of contemporary art music.  The curriculum consists of 34 credit hours of General Education as well as a Foreign Language proficiency; 49-53 credit hours in the Core Music Curriculum, including private lessons, ensembles, music theory, aural skills, piano, and music history; and 24-26 credit hours in Concentration Courses, including coursework in conducting, instrumental techniques, advanced theory, and composition.  The culminating experience for this degree is a senior composition project. 

Admission Requirements

Admission is competitive for both freshman and transfer applicants based on an audition interview.  All applicants must first apply to the UNC Charlotte Office of Undergraduate Admissions.  If students are admissible based on applicable freshman admission or transfer admission standards, they are admitted as Pre-Music majors. 

Students interested in pursuing this degree program must audition through the Department of Music (see the “Admissions” link at music.uncc.edu for details).  If accepted by the Department of Music and admitted to the University, their major is changed to Music or Music Performance, and they proceed with major coursework. 

A second performance-based assessment, the Sophomore Review, is required at the end of the Sophomore year.

Degree Requirements

General Education Courses (34 credit hours)

For details on required courses, refer to the General Education program .  Both Writing Intensive (W) courses and the Oral Communications (O) course are fulfilled by the Music History courses in the major.

Foreign Language Requirement (0-8 credit hours)

All students who earn a degree within the College of Arts + Architecture are required to demonstrate proficiency in the language of their choice through the 1202 level.  Proficiency can be demonstrated in one of the following ways:

  • Completing the required coursework at UNC Charlotte
  • Completing three years of the same foreign language in high school through level three
  • Achieving a satisfactory score on the foreign languages placement test (in Spanish, French, or German)
  • Through approved transfer or transient credit earned at other accredited institutions
  • A combination of the above methods (e.g., placing out of or earning transfer or transient credit for 1201 and completing the 1202 course, completing 1201 and placing out of or earning transfer or transient credit for 1202)

Major Courses (50-54 credit hours)

Concentration Technique Courses

Select two of the following outside the student’s primary instrument:

Concentration Music Business or Technology Course (1-3 credit hours)

Select one of the following:

Unrestricted Elective Courses

As needed to complete the credit hours required for graduation.  Based upon the student’s interests, the following courses are recommended to supplement the Concentration in Composition:

Degree Total = 120 Credit Hours

Grade Requirements

Most music courses require grades of C or above to progress to subsequent levels of study; all required music courses must be passed with grades of C or above to graduate.  For specific requirements, refer to the Department of Music Student Handbook

Honors Program

For details about the Arts + Architecture Honors Program, visit the AAHP program page .

Suggested Curriculum

For the suggested course sequence toward completing the major, please see the Academic Plan of Study available online at academics.uncc.edu.  Consultation with an advisor is required each semester.