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Undergraduate Catalog | 2017-2018 
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Academic Advising

Each student at UNC Charlotte is assigned an academic advisor or advisory committee in the student’s major field of study. Students who have declared a major, or pre-major, should seek advising from their advisor in their College’s advising center or department. Students who have more than one major should seek advice from each of their assigned advisors in each academic department. Students who have not chosen or been admitted to a major or pre-major program are enrolled as students of University College (UCOL) and are assigned an advisor from the University Advising Center. The University Advising Center also provides services to students who are transitioning from one major to another. A student may learn how to find his/her assigned advisor by visiting

In helping students achieve their educational and career goals, advisors will focus on enhancing the students’ transition from high school or another college/university, will offer assistance in understanding University policies and procedures, and refer students to campus services that will best ensure the students’ success both on campus and in meeting their career goals. The advisors will also facilitate the development of decision-making skills critical to success in college and life. Each student’s assigned advisor will communicate regularly with the student throughout the year about important dates, programs, and services that will help ensure success at UNC Charlotte. Students are encouraged to maintain contact with appropriate advisors throughout their enrollment period.

The advisor assists the student to develop a plan of study based on the student’s prior preparation and objectives. The academic advisor will counsel, but the final responsibility remains that of the student.