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Undergraduate Catalog | 2018-2019 
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Architecture, B.A.

The undergraduate Bachelor of Arts in Architecture is a 4-year pre-professional foundation degree, which requires 128 credit hours. Students who wish to become registered architects must also earn a professional NAAB-accredited degree-either a 1-year Bachelor of Architecture (128+30 credit hours) or a 2-year Master of Architecture (128+60 credit hours). Information on the Master of Architecture degree program may be found in UNC Charlotte Graduate Catalog.

Admission Requirements

Freshmen and Transfers

  • Minimum GPA:  n/a (Freshmen); 2.0 (Transfers)
  • Declaration of Major:  Applicants must first apply to UNC Charlotte indicating the Architecture major as their intended major.  UNC Charlotte applications must be complete by January 31.  Applicants must also submit a second application to the School of Architecture (SoA) by the posted deadlines.  Students already enrolled at UNC Charlotte access the SoA Application from the School of Architecture’s website.  The SoA Undergraduate Admission Review includes an evaluation of the UNC Charlotte and SoA applications by a faculty committee with qualified applicants granted a personal interview (which will include a presentation of their portfolio of creative work).  All SoA admission decisions are completed by April 1 for entry beginning in the Fall semester.

Undergraduate admission to the School of Architecture is to the Four-Year Bachelor of Arts in Architecture  (B.A. in Architecture) – a pre-professional foundation degree that serves two primary academic tracks that culminate in professional accredited degrees.  The first track is the “4+1” one-year Bachelor of Architecture  (B.Arch) degree (professionally accredited).  The second track is the “4+2” two-year Master of Architecture (M.Arch.) degree (professionally accredited), including further options for dual-degrees and post-professional graduate studies in Urban Design, Geography, Business/Real Estate Development, and Computing and Information Systems.  Students who do not intend to pursue an accredited professional architecture degree may elect a modified undergraduate curriculum that allows greater academic flexibility.

Students who maintain a minimum grade point average (3.0 in architectural studies through the Fourth Year) are automatically recommended for acceptance into the undergraduate fifth-year Bachelor of Architecture  program; students who maintain a minimum grade point average (3.25 in architectural studies through the Fourth Year) are automatically recommended for acceptance into the graduate Master of Architecture program.  Students with an “automatic admit” to the B.Arch. or M.Arch. programs may enter the Fall semester following completion of the B.A. degree program, or may defer one year and enroll in the subsequent academic year.  Students who do not have minimum GPA for the “automatic admit” must submit a separate application for admission to the fifth-year Bachelor of Architecture  or the graduate Master of Architecture program.

Degree Requirements

General Education Courses (37-41 credit hours)

For details on required courses, refer to the General Education program .  Courses to meet these requirements are incorporated in the curriculum structure.

Foreign Language Requirement (0-8 credit hours)

Students in this major are required to demonstrate proficiency in the language of their choice through the 1202 level.  Proficiency can be demonstrated in one of the following ways:

  • Completing the required coursework at UNC Charlotte
  • Completing three years of the same foreign language in high school through level three
  • Achieving a satisfactory score on the foreign languages placement test (in Spanish, French, or German)
  • Through approved transfer or transient credit earned at other accredited institutions
  • A combination of the above methods (e.g., placing out of or earning transfer or transient credit for 1201 and completing the 1202 course, completing 1201 and placing out of or earning transfer or transient credit for 1202)

Click here for a list of courses that meet the College of Arts + Architecture’s foreign language requirement. 


College Prospect for Success Course (2 credit hours)

This course is required only for new Freshmen in the College of Arts + Architecture:

Core Program

All undergraduate students in the School of Architecture complete a three-year core sequence of courses designed to provide a solid understanding of fundamental issues, knowledge, and skills related to architecture.  These courses include a series of coordinated architecture design studios, skill-building seminars, a four-semester sequence of architectural history (three survey courses and one history topic elective), and four courses in building technology (one course in Architectural Materials, two courses in Structures, and one course in Environmental Systems Principles).  Students who do not intend to pursue an accredited professional degree (the B.Arch. or M.Arch.) may complete only the Core Program and earn a non-pre-professional version of the Bachelor of Arts in Architecture.  This alternative allows greater academic flexibility for students to augment their architectural studies with coursework from other University departments, allowing double major or minor in other disciplines, or preparation for graduate studies in related fields (such as planning, urban design, landscape architecture, or architectural history).

Advanced Program

Students who do not intend to pursue an accredited professional degree (the B.Arch. or M.Arch.) may complete the Advanced Program and earn a pre-professional version of the Bachelor of Arts in Architecture.  This presents opportunities for greater depth of inquiry, breadth of understanding and synthesis through advanced architectural design and electives.  Concentrated primarily in the Fourth Year of study, the Advanced Program includes an intensive building design studio in which students learn advanced computing skills, various topical design studios in which faculty steer focused research agendas, and additional courses in technology, history, and other topics that engage contemporary architecture.  The following courses are not required for the B.A. in Architecture degree, but are required for subsequent accredited degrees, such as the Bachelor of Architecture (5th year) or the Master of Architecture at UNC Charlotte:

Degree Total = 128 Credit Hours


The advising program consists of two tiers: Staff Academic Advisor (Core Program advising) and Associate Director (Advanced Program advising).

Grade Requirements

One grade of D in any studio is permissible.  A second grade of D or F in a subsequent studio requires repeating the course.  Successive D and/or F grades in a studio that is taken for a second time results in suspension from the Architecture program. 

To graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture degree, an overall GPA of 2.0 must be achieved in all courses offered by the School.

Students may not repeat an ARCH course more than once. Students are permitted one opportunity to repeat any architecture course. Earning a grade of F in the same course twice results in suspension from the Architecture program.

Students who are suspended from the University due to deficiencies in their academic performance will be suspended from the Architecture program.  If a student is readmitted to the University, they are not automatically readmitted into the Architecture program; they must appeal to the School of Architecture for reinstatement.  Students who are readmitted to the University under the Forgiveness Policy must also appeal to the School of Architecture for reinstatement into the Architecture program.

Suggested Curriculum

For a suggested curriculum for this degree to map out a path toward completing the major, please see the Academic Plan of Study available online at

Honors Program

For details about the Arts + Architecture Honors Program, visit the AAHP program page .