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Graduate Catalog | 2018-2019 
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Architecture and Urban Design, M.Arch/M.U.D., Dual Degree

The curriculum for the dual M.Arch/M.U.D degree is noted below.  Students admitted to this program typically are enrolled in M.Arch courses for their first year, and study in M.U.D program in their second year and participate in the MUD summer program, and be enrolled in M. Arch courses for their final year to complete their dual-degree program.

Customized curricula for the dual degree opportunities of M.U.D  /M.A. in Geography  (Community Planning) and M.U.D /M.S.R.E.  (Real Estate) are developed to suit the individual student interested in these options once the student is accepted onto both programs.

Master of Architecture / Master of Urban Design Curriculum

The dual M.ARCH/M.U.D degree requires a minimum of 84 credit hours to be completed.  Typically, the 12-month M.U.D portion of the dual degree is taken in the second year of the three-year sequence (as shown below).  However, by special agreement of the student and the MArch and M.U.D Program Directors, the 12-month M.U.D portion may be completed in the first or final year of the three-year sequence.

Year One


* UNC Charlotte undergraduates who have previously taken ARCH 4203 should substitute ARCH 5204  for ARCH 5203 .
** UNC Charlotte undergraduates who have previously taken ARCH 4604 should substitute ARCH 6050  for ARCH 5604 .

Year Two

Year Three

Capstone Studios and Final Project/Thesis

Students enrolled in the Dual Degree M.Arch/M.U.D program are required to complete two M.U.D Capstone Studios: (MUDD 7102  and MUDD 7103 ), as well as the Thesis Document (ARCH 7202 ) and Thesis Studio (ARCH 7104 ).  Their final project/research thesis must have a clear focus on the integration of architectural and urban design issues.

Graduate Advising

A critical component of any successful graduate program is academic advising and guidance during the course of a student’s program of study. The primary advisors for all urban design graduate students in the School of Architecture will be the Associate Director of the School of Architecture, in consultation with the Director of the Urban Design Program.

Transfer Credit

Transfer credit may be granted under special circumstances (e.g., approved post-baccalaureate status prior to entry into the program) and is limited to a maximum of six hours of graduate credit.

Waiver Credit

Waiver credit may be allowed if a student can demonstrate that a course or courses taken in his or her prior undergraduate or graduate curriculum equals or exceeds in both content and rigor of a course or courses required in the graduate curriculum. If a required course in the curriculum is waived, the student will be allowed to fill those credit hours with another course as advised by the Associate Director of the School of Architecture, in consultation with the Director of the Urban Design Program.

Application for Degree

In order to meet UNC Charlotte’s Graduate School requirements for degree candidacy, all graduate students must receive a written certification from their department confirming a successful capstone project. For urban design students, this comprises completion of the two summer design studios. For dual degree students, this comprises the thesis project taken in the final year. This report requires approval from the Director of the Urban Design Program, as well as the signatures from the graduate faculty members involved in the project. The completion of this report results in the granting of the degree. In addition, and prior to this completion, each student should make application for his/her degree by completing the online Application for Degree through Banner Self Service no later than the filing date specified in the University Academic Calendar.

Research and Study Abroad Opportunities

M.U.D and Dual Degree students may engage in research activities via the School of Architecture’s City Building Lab (CBL). All students automatically obtain international study experience through the required global Summer studio.

Assistantships, Tuition Differentials, and Scholarships

A number of research assistantships, scholarships, and tuition waivers are available to M.U.D candidates.  No separate assistantship application is necessary; awards are based on application materials to the program, and award decisions are based on the applicant’s academic merit or promise of academic merit, and/or on demonstration of need.