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Graduate Catalog | 2018-2019 
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Nursing: Nurse Educator, M.S.N.

**This is a Distance Education program.**

This specialty focuses on preparing nurses for advanced practice as a Nurse Educator in a selected area of expertise. Students declare their specialty in their application and develop a portfolio from their graduate work demonstrating their expertise. Graduates are prepared for academic positions teaching nursing at the entry into practice or RN-BSN levels. Graduates who have two years of full-time teaching experience will be prepared to take the NLN certification exam for Nurse Educators.

Additional Admission Requirements

  1. Current unrestricted licensure as a Registered Nurse. Current license in North Carolina or a compact state or the state identified by faculty for clinical practice before enrollment.
  2. Baccalaureate degree from an accredited university. If the degree is not in Nursing and courses in Research, Leadership/Management, Aging and Health and Community Health are lacking, they will be required as part of the program of study (option available only to Nurse Administration, Community/Public Health Nursing, and Nurse Educator majors).
  3. One year of professional nursing practice is recommended.
  4. An essay (statement of purpose) describing the applicant’s experience and objective in undertaking graduate study in the chosen specialty including the qualities making them a strong applicant (See SON webpage for required elements of the Purpose Statement)..
  5. Overall GPA of at least 3.0 in the last degree earned.
  6. Completion of a statistics course with a grade of C or above.
  7. See School of Nursing website for admission deadlines.

Degree Requirements

This program requires completion of 39 credit hours in approved courses. Including:

Capstone Course (3 credit hours)

Degree Total = 39 Credit Hours

Additional Degree Requirements

  1. It is expected that the student will develop a portfolio demonstrating expertise in a specialization during this program of study.
  2. A total of 180 hours in a clinical specialty and 180 hours of supervised teaching experience, individually arranged, is required.
  3. Faculty Advising is required.
  4. Access to computer within minimum requirements for online courses. Current minimum computer hardware specifications are listed by Distance Education online at distanceed.uncc.edu.