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Graduate Catalog | 2018-2019 
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A student who officially withdraws (drops all courses) from the University in the Fall or Spring semester will receive a refund as follows:

Period of Withdrawal Percent of Tuition and Fees Refunded
Before last day to Add/Drop course(s) with no grade 100%
Period 1 * 90%
Period 2 * 50%
Period 3 * 25%
Period 4 * 0%

* Generally, each period is two weeks in length; however, for specific dates of each period, please visit the Refunds Schedule located online under ninercentral.uncc.edu/billing-payments-refunds/tuition-reductions-withdrawal.

Summer School Refunds

A student who officially withdraws (drops all courses) from the University prior to the fifth class day of the Summer session will receive a 100% refund.  Students who officially withdraw (drops all courses) from the University on the fifth class day of the Summer session or later will receive no refund.  Please review the Refunds Schedule available on the Niner Central webpage listed above.


Charges are refundable by administrative action on a prorated basis for the unexpired portion of the term for the following reasons: death of the student, withdrawal for adequate medical reason as certified by the University’s Student Health Center or family doctor, death in the immediate family that necessitates student withdrawal, and dismissal or suspension from school. Immediate family is defined as wife, husband, parent, child, brother, sister, grandparent, and grandchildren, and includes step-, half- and in-law relationships. Appropriate documentation must be submitted to the Dean of Students.

Appeal Procedure for Refunds

Students are provided an opportunity to appeal charges associated with tuition, fees, housing, and dining.  The student will have the burden of proving a case for appeal by a preponderance of evidence.  Appeals will not be considered that arise from a student’s error on registration or situations resulting from a deliberate decision or series of decisions by the student, such as a failure to be aware of deadlines and/or due dates.  Full reductions or refunds are typically not granted for students who attend any portion of a semester.  Appeals must be substantiated with supporting documentation or verification of extenuating circumstances that warrant basis for the appeal.  Extenuating circumstances may include personal or family emergencies as a result of the illness or death of a family member, medical and/or mental health reasons, orders requiring military service, or errors committed by the University.  At both levels of appeal, review and consideration for a decision will be based upon the information provided in the appeal as well as the supporting documentation accompanying the appeal.  Appeals submitted without supporting documentation will not be processed for review and consideration until supporting documentation is provided.  Students must submit a first level appeal within one calendar year from the date the fee was initially charged to the student.  The second level of appeal must be submitted within ten (10) business days of the delivery of the first appeal decision.  See thd.uncc.edu for more details.