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Undergraduate Catalog | 2019-2020 
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Economics, Business Concentration, B.S.

Admission Requirements (Pre-Economics, Business Concentration)


Freshman admission is competitive. Students who apply for this major and are accepted into the Belk College of Business are initially classified as Pre-Economics (PECO) majors.  Students interested in pursuing a Major in Economics with a Concentration in Business should seek admission to the Pre-Economics program to ensure appropriate advising and support.  Students who complete the Progression Requirements listed below may declare an upper-division Major in Economics with Concentration in Business.

[ A minimum grade of C is required for all Progression Courses. Students may attempt each of the Progression Courses listed above a maximum of two times.  An attempt is defined as a course that is completed with a final grade of A, B, C, D, or F.  Courses repeated under the UNC Charlotte Grade Replacement Policy are excluded from the GPA computation, but will count as an attempt.  Otherwise, all grades earned in repeated courses are included in the GPA computation.]

  • Declaration of Major and/or Progression Requirements:  Junior standing (60 credit hours or more); Pre-Economics Requirements listed above; approved Change of Major form.  Pre-Economics students should submit Change of Major forms to an Academic and Career Coach in the Belk College of Business Niblock Student Center.  Students who fail to declare their upper-division major on time will be prohibited from declaring their upper-division major in the College if their GPA falls below a 2.5.  Students who do not meet the Progression Requirements above are ineligible for continuation in the Belk College of Business.


Transfer students interested in pursuing a Major in Economics with Concentration in Business should seek admission to the Pre-Economics program. Transfer admission requirements for the Pre-Economics major include the following:

  • Minimum GPA:  2.5 overall and 2.5 in equivalent Progression Courses completed
  • Pre-Major/Prerequisite/Progression Courses:  See Progression Courses above

Degree Requirements

The following courses are required. Students may attempt each of these courses two times.

General Education Courses (37-41 credit hours)

For details on required courses, refer to the General Education program 


It is recommended that students who plan to pursue graduate work in economics complete MATH 1241 , ECON 4100 , and, as available, ECON 4112  and ECON 4117 . Also, they should consider additional work in mathematics but should consult with an Academic Advisor concerning specific courses.

Restricted Elective Courses (9 credit hours)

Select three ECON Electives from the 3000- or 4000- level, excluding the courses listed above.

Unrestricted Elective Courses

As needed to complete the credit hours required for graduation.

Degree Total = 120 Credit Hours

Grade Requirements

To obtain this degree, students must meet the University requirements of a GPA of at least 2.0 overall and in the courses for the major.  Students must earn a minimum grade of C in all required Progression, Core, and Major Courses.  When students repeat a course, both the old and new grades are included in the overall GPA.  Courses repeated under the Grade Replacement Policy are excluded from the overall GPA computation.  However, this repeated course does count as an attempt.  Students must also meet the Belk College of Business residency requirements listed under the “Degree Requirements” heading on the main College of Business page .

Honors Program

For details about the Business Honors Program, visit the program page .