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Undergraduate Catalog | 2019-2020 
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Business, Honors Program

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The Business Honors Program (BHP) provides students with access to a range of opportunities designed to stimulate their thinking and broaden their exposure to topics related to business.

The Business Honors Program is committed to the highest principles of professionalism that guide our actions.  We aspire to be a community of learners actively engaged in academic scholarship while demonstrating a high regard for others by modeling excellent ethical standards.  We seek to promote service above self and to support and encourage, educate and mentor, value and empathize with others.  We advocate these core values among the membership.  The core values of the Business Honors Program are based upon a commitment to academic merit, integrity, respect, service above self and honor.

Admission Requirements

Students interested in being admitted to the Business Honors Program must complete an Application for Admission.  Admission to the program is based on the student’s demonstrated Honors potential and availability of space in the program.  Honors potential is determined by examining GPA (minimum 3.5 for currently enrolled and transfer students), SAT or ACT scores (for new freshmen), courses completed, academic and other distinctions, activities, community service, and other related factors.  All admitted students must earn and maintain a minimum 3.5 GPA at UNC Charlotte to be an active member of the program.  Students failing to meet minimum requirements of the 3.5 GPA, attendance at BHP meetings, and participation in community service events will not be able to continue in the program.

Course Requirements

To graduate with “Honors in Business,” a student must:

  1. Complete the minimum required honors courses and other requirements
  2. Submit a Business Honors Application for Honors Candidacy one semester prior to graduation
  3. Receive a grade of at least A in BUSN 4701  or on the Senior Project in the Honors section of MGMT 3280 
  4. Present a GPA of at least 3.5 overall and 3.2 in all honors courses for which a grade was assigned

A minimum of 9 credit hours of honors courses are required to graduate with Business Honors.  Business Honors students are required to complete additional honors coursework depending upon the student’s point of entry as outlined below.

Students in the Business Honors Program must complete all Business Honors courses offered.  Business Honors courses may include:

And honors sections of:

Students entering the Business Honors Program as sophomores or later are exempt from completing the honors section of BUSN 1101  and from BUSN 1701 .  Students entering as juniors are exempt from BUSN 2701  and BUSN 2702 , and from completing the honors sections of ECON 2101  and ECON 2102 .  Other exceptions must be approved in advance by the Director of the Business Honors Program.  In addition, students entering the Business Honors Program as freshmen are required to complete 3 credit hours in an HONR course or an honors section of an LBST course.  Students entering after the Freshman year are encouraged to take an HONR course or an honors section of an LBST course.  Honors courses cannot be repeated.  A grade of D or F in any honors course results in a student not being eligible to continue in the program.

Other Requirements

Business Honors students must also participate in:  (1) monthly meetings, (2) community service, (3) either study abroad or an internship; and (4) other requirements as set forth in the BHP Handbook.

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