Jun 25, 2022  
Undergraduate Catalog | 2021-2022 
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Languages and Culture Studies: German for Engineering, Undergraduate Certificate

The Undergraduate Certificate in Languages and Culture Studies: German for Engineering (UCGE) provides classroom, overseas (optional), and practical training in German for Engineering.  The certificate requires 12 credit hours.  Beginning with two courses in the German language at the 2000-level, the sequence continues with a selection of two out of three 3000-level seminars on German-American culture for Business and Engineering taught in English.  GERM 3670 , GERM 3680 , and GERM 3690  can double count towards the German Major and Minor.

Admission Requirements

Students may begin the certificate as freshmen. There are no prerequisites.  Majors in any field are welcome.

Certificate Requirements

Grade Requirements

A grade of C or above is required for all courses in the certificate.

Total = 12 Credit Hours