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Undergraduate Catalog | 2022-2023 
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Student Engagement

Student Engagement is committed to cultivating equity and justice while building community and developing students’ knowledge and skills through experiential learning. 

Popp Martin Student Union

The Popp Martin Student Union serves students, faculty, staff, alumni, and visitors providing services and conveniences that members of the college community need in their daily lives and creates an environment for getting to know and understand others through formal and informal community building and programs.

It was renamed the Karen A. Popp and Demond T. Martin Student Union in 2016 to honor the dedication and service of two extraordinary alumni, Karen Popp (‘80) and Demond Martin (‘97).

The Popp Martin Student Union:

  • Serves as an integral part of the educational mission of the university by complementing the academic experience through an extensive array of programs, student employment, and leadership development opportunities
  • Is a student-centered organization that values participatory decision-making through the Student Union Advisory Board
  • Provides students with meaningful employment opportunities and substantial roles in the decision-making process that affect facilities, services, policies, and programs
  • Provides meeting, gathering, office, community, event, and study space
  • Supports a diversified array of programming that reflects the needs of the campus community in order to enhance educational, cultural, and developmental social interaction
  • Provides a welcoming environment that is the center of campus life, due to its location, programming, and general accessibility to all members of the UNC Charlotte community
  • Serves as a unifying force that honors each individual and values diversity


The NinerTech computer store is located inside the Popp Martin Student Union.  NinerTech exists to support the student experience and the campus community in their computer and technology needs.  Students may stop by NinerTech to purchase a computer, iPad, accessories, and more.  NinerTech also features certified repair service for Apple and Dell devices.  Visit ninertech.charlotte.edu for more information.

Cone University Center

The Bonnie E. Cone University Center was established in 1963 to provide a university center on campus to support student life.  Today, it houses many student involvement opportunities, dining services, and event spaces, plus an outdoor patio.  You’ll find Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life, the Office of Student Assistance and Support Services (SASS), and the Peace Haven Meditation and Reflection Space.  Services include Conference Services (CRES), Niner Central, and the Main Street Market dining area.  The building is alive with programs and activities in event spaces including After Hours, McKnight Hall, and the Lucas Room, as well as various meeting rooms.

The Cone University Center enriches and supports the University community by:

  • Contributing to the overall development of students through informal interaction, organizational participation, leadership development, and the planning for, implementation of, and participation in diverse programs
  • Providing services, training, and facilities that support University programs and participation
  • Providing students with meaningful employment opportunities and substantial roles in the decision-making processes that affect facilities, services, policies and programs
  • Developing and administering policies and procedures that enhance campus life while ensuring an environment that is safe and secure
  • Ensuring that the University community is informed of programs, resources, facilities and services

Campus Activities Board

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) is the largest student programming organization on campus and is responsible for planning diverse, quality events for the University community.  CAB offers multiple programs a week and works to enhance and unify the University community by planning social, cultural, educational, and recreational events that complement the University’s academic mission. 

CAB is located on the second floor of the Student Union.  For more information, visit cab.charlotte.edu.  Opportunities for student involvement include the following committees:

CAB Live

As the name implies, this committee is all about live entertainment ranging from comedy, live music, variety acts, poetry slams, showcases, and other entertainment trends.  This committee works hard to bring a wide-variety of diverse acts to campus.

T.A.X.I. (Talents, Activities, eXcursions and Interests)

With this committee, anything goes!  From talent shows and open mics to trips to Charlotte sporting events, this committee focuses on student talents and interests through programs and trips to explore Charlotte and other destinations. 

Daytime Niners

This committee is all about events for Niners throughout the day (8 a.m. - 5 p.m.).  Daytime events consist of interactive activities, musical performances, games, or workshops.  

Special Events

This committee is all about one-time, large-scale events.  These events are designed to draw large crowds.  Special Events encompass Gold Rush (Week of Welcome) events, Homecoming events, speakers, major comedy shows, concerts, and more.


This committee is in charge of getting CAB’s name and events recognized on campus.  From strategic branding to co-sponsorships to individual event advertising; from print to social media, Marketing and their Event Staff Street Team help make sure that UNC Charlotte students know about CAB.

Student Niner Media Advising & Support

Student Niner Media Advising & Support provides guidance to students in several areas of media.  Student organizations housed in this department serve the campus community with forums for free exchange of ideas and dissemination of news and information.  Students can gain competency in career development in a unique co-curricular setting.  From writing to reporting to marketing and podcasting, Student Niner Media Advising & Support offers UNC Charlotte students a unique experience in the fast-paced world of media.

Student Media Board

The Student Niner Media Board is the governing body for Student Niner Media and is comprised of student representatives.  Media Board is responsible for approving policies, governing documents, electing department heads, and approving the annual budget, including periodic transfers.

Niner Times

Niner Times is UNC Charlotte’s weekly student newspaper published on Tuesdays.  It prints news, entertainment, sports, and more.  More than 3,500 copies are distributed at more than 80 locations both on and off campus.  The student-produced publication provides journalism experience to more than 80 student leaders.


Ninertimes.com features breaking news and exclusive content including columns, photos, and video.  UNC Charlotte news, sports, and features are posted several times each week.

Media Marketing

The media marketing department at Student Niner Media is responsible for advertising, circulation, and promotions. Students can work in areas including layout, design, sales, and promotions.  Media Marketing offers real world experience and internship opportunities for business, marketing, and communication careers.


Nova is the nationally recognized literary-arts magazine published by students interested in the arts.  Artists from around the world submit poems, short stories, visual art, and film to be included in the publication.  Submissions are professionally juried, and selections are published in the annual edition of the magazine.  The magazine is published in April.

Uptown Audio

This UNC Charlotte-based podcast network that produces a variety of shows for any listener.  Listen at uapodcasts.com.

Technical Operations

The Technical Department is responsible for updating and maintaining Student Niner Media’s websites and social media presence.  They provide equipment and software training to all departments of Student Niner Media.

Midas Magazine

Midas Magazine is Student Niner Media’s newest publication, which was started in December 2020.  The cultural and entertainment magazine is published once a semester, in December and April, and offers a wide variety of content.  Students can learn skills in writing, editing, graphic design, or photography when working with Midas.


Niner Media interns can earn academic credit and receive “hands on” media experience in writing, design, photography, advertising, desktop publishing, and management. Internships are offered in collaboration with the Department of Communication Studies.

For more information about how to get involved with Student Niner Media, contact the office or visit media.charlotte.edu.  Offices are located in the lower level of the Popp Martin Student Union.

Leadership and Community Engagement

Leadership and Community Engagement provides students with opportunities to develop and strengthen leadership skills and understanding while providing the University and student organizations with more effective leadership.  Programs consist of group and self-paced leadership workshops, retreats, and conferences, as well as academic courses.  Individual and group consultation is also available.  Opportunities for service include the Jamil Niner Food Pantry, Alternative Service Breaks, and a variety of monthly service projects in the greater Charlotte area coordinated by the SERVE team.

Academic Certificate in Leadership Studies

An 18-credit hour concentration in interdisciplinary leadership studies is offered, leading to the Undergraduate Certificate in Leadership Studies   awarded at graduation from UNC Charlotte.  

Alternative Service Breaks

Alternative Service Breaks (ASB) are unique volunteer experiences during which students forgo their traditional spring break activities and engage in direct service in a community outside of their own.

Bonner Leaders

The Bonner Leaders Program is an intensive, four-year community engagement opportunity for undergraduates who work in Charlotte-based institutions and agencies.  This program is directed by the Office of Urban Research and Community Engagement.

Emerging Leaders

The Emerging Leaders program provides a cohort leadership experience for freshmen (applications available early Fall semester).

Executive Leadership Program

The Executive Leadership program, open to students with Senior standing, focuses on the transition from undergraduate leadership to leadership as a new professional.

Individual and Group Consultation

Assistance with applications, interviewing, leadership issues and programmatic needs are available.


Students in the LEAD team are trained and available to make presentations on a wide variety of leadership topics.

Leadershape Institute

The Institute is a leadership program for established leaders with a focus on vision and leading with integrity.

Leadership Fellows

Leadership Fellows is a Fall semester cohort leadership experience for upperclassmen (applications available Spring semester).

Leadership Journey Learning Community

A one-year residential program is offered to first-year students who have an interest in developing or building leadership skills and abilities.

Leadership, Communication, and Group Dynamics

A 3-credit hour leadership theory course (COMM 3135 ) is taught on leadership, communication, and group dynamics. 

Leadership, Service and Ethics

A 3-credit hour course in communication studies (COMM 3136 ) is offered for students interested in developing a leadership framework and obtaining academic credit.

PILOT (Programs In Leadership and Organizational Training)

PILOT is an individualized leadership program that provides an opportunity for leadership certification through this self-paced program.


SERVE TEAM creates community service opportunities through connections with local non-profit agencies as well as campus based service and volunteer opportunities. 

Women’s Leadership Development Program

This cohort-based women’s leadership conversation series is a Spring semester offering for students who are currently or have recently served as leaders.  It provides the opportunity for interaction with and learning from women who are leaders in our community.  Applications are available late Fall semester.  Visit leadership.charlotte.edu for more information.

Fraternity and Sorority Life

Fraternity and Sorority Life at UNC Charlotte consists of over 45 fraternities and sororities founded upon the principles of scholarship, leadership, community service, and the formation of lifelong friendships through brotherhood/sisterhood.  Fraternities and sororities uphold these fundamental values in their pursuit of collegiate excellence, enabling all members to achieve their personal best.  Fraternity and Sorority Life provides students with an opportunity to be a part of a large group with many diverse characteristics while sharing a common goal.  The fraternities and sororities work together to provide a quality experience for anyone who joins via service projects, educational programs, and social activities.  The experience the student gains from organizing and motivating people, planning and implementing projects and learning to give back what one has received can be an invaluable part of a college education. Membership recruitment for a fraternity or sorority primarily begins with each new semester.  However, some organizations hold recruitment meetings throughout the year.  Some of the many programs within Fraternity and Sorority Life include: the Harm Reduction Symposium, Greek Weekend, Airband, Annual Stroll Competition, and New Member Convocation.  Visit online at greeklife.charlotte.edu.

Venture Outdoor Leadership

Venture offers a variety of outdoor adventure and experiential learning trips, programs and workshops.  Activities include trips lasting from 1-21 days in a variety of outdoor endeavors from backpacking to rock climbing to kayaking (to name only a few).  Venture also hosts and facilitates many programs on its on-campus Team Challenge Course, High Team Challenge Course, and indoor climbing wall.  Venture programs are modeled on the Outward Bound philosophy and are designed to facilitate individual growth through physical challenge, group interaction, and personal reflection - all while having fun.  Students involved in VOLTAGE (Venture Outdoor Leadership Training and Group Experience) have the opportunity to be trained as student leaders on Venture’s trips and programs.  Outdoor camping gear can be rented.  Venture also operates SOAR Outdoor, an opportunity for students to connect with the University and other students in meaningful ways prior to their first semester.

Venture offers courses for academic credit through the Department of Applied Physiology, Health, and Clinical Sciences.  Each semester, a variety of one-, two-, and three-credit hour outdoor activity courses are offered, including courses such as: Introduction to Outdoor Adventures, Rock Climbing, Challenge Course Activities, Raft Guiding, Wilderness Experience, Wilderness Trip Leading, and Challenge Course Facilitation.  Students may combine specific courses to complete a Minor in Outdoor Adventure Leadership  .  For additional details, see the Department of Applied Physiology, Health, and Clinical Sciences  section of this Catalog and visit venture.charlotte.edu/academics.

For more information about Venture, please visit venture.charlotte.edu.

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) advocates for the issues, needs, and interests of the student body.  Many students want to make their campus a better place while they are here and find their work in student government a useful background for later public service.  The leaders of student government are committed to representing the student body and to developing students’ awareness of the many facets of campus life, working with the University’s administration in advancing the needs and interests of students.  All enrolled students, both full- and part-time, are eligible to participate in student government.  Visit online at sga.charlotte.edu.

The Student Government Association is comprised of:

Executive Branch

The Executive Branch is comprised of the Student Body President, Student Body Vice President, Chief of Staff, four class presidents, and Executive Cabinet members, who are appointed by the President.  The Student Body President serves as a member of the UNC Charlotte Board of Trustees.

Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch is the Student Senate, which is comprised of the Speaker of the Senate and representatives from each academic college who are elected by the students with majors in the college, as well as at-large representatives for certain constituencies.

Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch is composed of student panel members led by the Chief Justice.  The branch includes the Chief Justice, Lt. Chief Justice, and 5 other student justices.  They are responsible for investigating and reviewing violations of the Student Body Constitution, and the Student Government Bylaws, and reviewing constitutionality of Legislative Branch and Executive Branch actions.

Student Involvement

Student Involvement supports students’ engagement with campus through organizations and special events.  UNC Charlotte has over 400 student organizations that enhance the academic experience of UNC Charlotte students and provide opportunities to get involved.  The categories of student organizations include: academic (pre-professional), fraternities and sororities, graduate organizations, honor societies, interest, performance, service, political, religious, multicultural, international, sport clubs, and media/publication.  There are many benefits to joining a student organization, including making new friends, developing new skills and abilities, working collaboratively as part of a team, learning to set and achieve goals, leadership opportunities, as well as having fun.  Students may also start a new student organization if there is not one already on campus that matches their interests.  Contact Student Involvement with questions about resources available and how to get connected.  Contact information and a current listing of all registered student organizations is available online at studentorgs.charlotte.edu.

Student Involvement also hosts special events such as Homecoming, Haunted Union, and Late Night Breakfast that build spirit and tradition for the Niner Nation.