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Undergraduate Catalog | 2022-2023 
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Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies, B.A.

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Using print and digital technologies to create, design, and produce texts now requires new ways of thinking about writing as a concept and practice.  As an interdisciplinary examination and application of rhetoric and writing technologies, the Major in Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies prepares students to read, analyze, and compose across academic, workplace, and public spheres.  Interactive courses improve reading, critical thinking, argumentation, narrative, and problem-solving abilities as students evaluate the implications of print, digital, and social media compositions in both local and global contexts.  With these skills, students can navigate known, new, and emerging writing situations and media; they learn how to be flexible composers who can apply rhetorical strategies and digital skills to their current environments, as well as adapt emerging technologies to new contexts.

Admission Requirements

  • Minimum GPA:  2.0
  • Declaration of Major:  Change of Major forms accepted year-round; students must make an advising appointment during SOAR and when declaring the major.  Students planning to change to or declare Writing, Rhetoric and Digital Studies as their major must have received a minimum grade of C in WRDS 1103  or WRDS 1104  or transfer credit equivalent.
  • Transferable Credit Hours:  24

Degree Requirements

The program leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree in Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies requires 120 credit hours.  Students in the major must complete a minimum of 36 credit hours in Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies (WRDS) courses, including 12 credit hours at the 4000-level.

General Education (28-37 credit hours)

For details on required courses, refer to the General Education Program .  Students should plan on taking a three-credit hour course designated as Writing Intensive (W) and a three-credit hour course designated as Oral Communication (O), or a three-credit hour course designated as both (W) and (O); these can be a major courses or elective courses.

Foreign Language Course (0-4 credit hours)

Students with a Major in Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies must complete either a 2000-level course in a foreign language that uses the Latin alphabet or a 1202-level course in a language that is not written in the Latin alphabet.  Intermediate American Sign Language is also accepted.  Non-native speakers of English may complete the foreign language requirement by passing WRDS 1103 , WRDS 1104 , or the equivalent.

For details, refer to the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Foreign Language Requirement 

Major Courses (36 credit hours)

Majors must complete at least 36 credit hours in Writing Rhetoric and Digital Studies, including 12 credit hours at the 4000-level.  The Major Courses are designed to provide a thorough understanding of fundamental Writing Rhetoric and Digital Studies principles and are structured into four categories:

Major Elective Courses (9 credit hours)

Select three of the following:

Unrestricted Elective Courses

As needed to complete the credit hours required for graduation.

Degree Total = 120 Credit Hours

Grade Requirements

Students must earn a grade of C or above in all required courses.


Majors have the option to complete an internship as part of their degree requirements, and should see a Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies advisor for details.

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