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Graduate Catalog | 2022-2023 
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Game Design and Development, Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Game Design and Development (GDD) provides graduate students with the opportunity to reach a demonstrated level of competence in game design and development. Coursework towards the certificate in GDD can be used towards the M.S. in Computer Science  degree. However, its primary purpose is to provide a well-defined target for students who want to advance their knowledge of modern game design and development techniques and work with a variety of professionals, from artists to writers, to bring the vision for an interactive game or media product to life. The certificate may be pursued concurrently with any of the graduate degree programs at UNC Charlotte.

Admission Requirements

This certificate program is open to all students who hold a B.S. degree in any scientific, engineering, or business discipline and one of the following:

  1. Are enrolled and in good standing in a graduate degree program at UNC Charlotte
  2. Have a GPA above 2.8 overall and 3.0 Junior/Senior

In addition, the program expects a current working knowledge of two higher level languages, including at least one procedural language, and a familiarity with computer applications.  The following minimal background in mathematics is compulsory:  two semesters of calculus and one semester of discrete structures.  Individuals who have worked at a high professional level in the computer industry may be able to substitute work experience for specific subject area admission requirements.  Application for the GDD certificate program is made through the Graduate Admissions Office of the University.

Courses used to satisfy requirements of a previous degree are not acceptable.  Students with significant game-related work at the undergraduate level may be allowed to substitute advanced game courses for compulsory courses at the discretion of the GDD certificate coordinators.  (Note: the admission process for the Certificate is separate from the admission process for the M.S. degree.)

Certificate Requirements

The certificate is awarded upon completion of five graduate level courses (15 credits) in the area of game design and development.  Course substitutions may be made at the discretion of the GDD Program Director.

Elective Course (3 credit hours)

Select one of the following:

Total = 15 Credit Hours

Grade Requirements

A cumulative GPA of 3.0 is required, and at most one course with a grade of C may be allowed towards the certificate.