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Graduate Catalog | 2022-2023 
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Admission to the Graduate School

Admissions Information

It is the policy of the University that educational decisions are based on relevant and appropriate factors and cannot be based on an individual’s protected status, whether that status is protected by law or by University policy. As a result, admissions decisions are based on a holistic review of an individual’s abilities and qualifications, including academic history, professional experience related to the educational program, recommendations provided by individuals who can reference an applicant’s potential for success, and skills necessary for achievement in a particular discipline.  The intent of the Graduate School is to offer admission to those applicants whose credentials indicate a strong likelihood of success in their selected curricula.

The University reserves the right to withhold or rescind the admission and enrollment of a person who:  (1) fails to meet any of the requirements for admission at the time of matriculation, (2) fails to maintain satisfactory academic performance in their course of study prior to enrollment, or (3) provides incorrect or misleading information on the application for admission or supporting document set.  Additionally, meeting the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission to a graduate program and the University reserves the right to restrict enrollments when necessary because of budgetary, and/or other capacity constraints.

Application Materials

A separate application, processing fee, statement of purpose, recommendations, and transcripts must be submitted for each graduate program of study for which a student applies for admission. Questions about the application process should be directed to:

Graduate Admissions
UNC Charlotte
9201 University City Boulevard
Charlotte, NC 28223-0001
Telephone: 704-687-5503
Fax: 704-687-1668
E-mail: gradcounselor@uncc.edu
Website: gradadmissions.charlotte.edu

Application Deadlines

Prospective students are encouraged to apply and submit all supporting documents well in advance of a program’s published deadlines.  Many programs have earlier deadlines than the Graduate School’s priority and final deadlines and may only admit students to a particular semester or term.  Prospective students should view information on the academic program website for the most up-to-date details regarding application requirements, admission, and funding.  The Graduate School may alter the date for acceptance of applications without further notice in accordance with available resources and/or the enrollment limitation established by the North Carolina General Assembly or the University.  Note that applications received or applications that become complete after a program’s deadlines or the Graduate School’s priority deadlines are processed on a space-available basis or they may be withdrawn from consideration.

Term of Entry Application and Supporting Documents Priority Submission Deadline Final Application Deadline
Fall March 1 August 1
Spring October 1 January 1
Summer* April 1 May 15

* There are a variety of sessions that begin with a Fall, Spring or Summer term, beginning and ending on different dates; however, deadlines to register may vary.  For the Summer term, June 15 is the last day an application for admission can be submitted, but this date is for classes that begin in July.

Note: International students who intend to enroll on an F-1 or J-1 visa status should apply for admission before the priority deadlines, if possible.

Application Processing

Applicants apply for admission online; instructions and the application are available at gradadmissions.uncc.edu.  Applications of U.S. Citizens, U.S. Permanent Residents, Asylees, and Refugees are processed as “domestic” applications.  Applications of students on or who intend to be on temporary visa/status in the U.S. (i.e., F-1, H-1, H-4, etc.), as well as Pending Permanent Residents, are processed as “international” applications. 

Application Processing Fee

Submission of the online application for admission to graduate study requires online payment of the U.S. application fee by credit card.  Note that the application fee may change and the amount required is accurately reflected in the application instructions available online.  The fee is waived or refunded for certain full-time employed University employees (lifetime limit of six waivers per person) and McNair Scholars; otherwise, the processing fee is required and nonrefundable.  Fraudulent use of a credit card to pay the University’s application fee will result in reconsideration of the admissions application and may result in revocation of any offer of admission.

Application Status

Applicants will receive an online confirmation of successful submission of their application for admission to graduate study, and can monitor the status of the application in their applicant portal.