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Graduate Catalog | 2023-2024 
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Mathematical Finance, M.S., and Economics, M.S., Dual Degree

This dual degree program allows students to earn both a Master of Science in Mathematical Finance (MAFI) degree and a Master of Science in Economics (MSE) from the Belk College of Business.

Admission Requirements

Applicants might be offered admission into only the MSE  or the MAFI  instead of the dual degree program.  Similarly, students admitted to the dual program may opt to matriculate into only the MSE or MAFI program.  Students who have matriculated into either the MSE or MAFI program who desire to add the dual degree must apply and gain admission to the dual degree no later than the end of their second semester of matriculation into either program.  Students must be independently admitted to both programs.

Degree Requirements

Required Courses (39 credit hours)

The combined program requires students to complete the following courses:

Capstone Experiences (6 credit hours)

The following Capstone Experiences are required: 

M.S. in Economics: Thesis option OR Research Project option.

Students who choose the thesis option must successfully complete six credit hours of ECON 6999 - Graduate Thesis Research . The thesis must be written and defended within six calendar years after admission into the M.S. in Economics program. The Thesis Committee, which must be approved by the Graduate Program Director, will consist of a Chair and at least two other faculty members.

Students who choose the research project option must complete the following research courses: 

M.S. in Mathematical Finance: Comprehensive Examination.

Students are required to pass a comprehensive examination.  An examining committee is appointed by the Graduate Program Director and is constituted from the program’s faculty. The exam may be, at the committee’s discretion, either written or oral.

Grade Requirements

Graduate students must have a 3.0 GPA in the courses on their degree plan of study in order to graduate.