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Undergraduate Catalog | 2015-2016 
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German, B.A.

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Additional Admission Requirements

All incoming students except learners of Japanese may take a UNC Charlotte Placement Exam in the language they wish to study if they have had previous experience with that language.  Foreign language majors and minors may also take a placement exam to help them determine at what level they should begin studying their chosen language.  Students should consult the department’s webpages for more specific guidelines regarding placement.  Learners of Japanese should contact a Japanese professor directly in order to schedule an interview regarding placement. 

Degree Requirements

A Major in German leading to a B.A. degree requires 32 credit hours, after beginning courses are completed. 

General Education Courses (37-43 credit hours)

For details on required courses, refer to the General Education program .  All foreign language majors must take at least one (W) course offered within the department.  Any (W) course offered within the department counts as a writing-intensive course in the major required by General Education.


^German majors must enroll concurrently for one hour of GERM 4050  for each GERM 3030  or GERM 3050  course they take, unless that course was offered in the German language.

*Students must take two courses of GERM 3050  under two different topics. GERM 3160  may be substituted for one GERM 3050 .

Related Courses (15 credit hours)

In addition, 15 hours of related coursework (or a declared minor), approved by the German language staff, is required.  Candidates for teacher licensure must also take two foreign language teaching methods courses offered jointly between the Department of Languages and Culture Studies and the College of Education, and satisfy all other requirements specified by the College of Education.

Course Substitutions

Certificate in Translating Substitutions

Students majoring in German and seeking a Certificate in Translating German  must also take TRAN 3401 , TRAN 4402G , TRAN 4403G , and TRAN 4404G , but may eliminate two GERM courses at the 3xxx and one course at the 4xxx level from the requirements for the major listed above.

Certificate in Business German Substitutions

Students majoring in German and seeking a Certificate in Business German  must take GERM 2210 , GERM 4120 , and GERM 4121 , but may eliminate one of the GERM 3050  courses and one other course at the GERM 3000/4000-level from the requirements for the majors listed above. Upon departmental approval, up to three credit hours earned for GERM 4410  may replace one of the GERM 3000-4000-level courses.

Unrestricted Elective Courses

As needed.

Degree Total = 120 Credit Hours

Grade Requirements

Introductory language courses may not be taken on a Pass/No Credit Basis if they are being used to fulfill a college or departmental foreign language requirement.  Students with a Foreign Language major or minor may not take required courses in the department on a Pass/No Credit Basis.

Suggested Curriculum

For a suggested curriculum progression toward completing the major, please see the Academic Plan of Study available online at

Teacher Licensure

The Department of Languages and Culture Studies, in collaboration with the Department of Middle, Secondary, and K-12 Education, offers a program to prepare students for K-12 teacher licensure in North Carolina.  Students seeking licensure to teach a foreign language must fulfill the General Education requirements, the foreign language major, two foreign language teaching methods courses, and satisfy all other requirements specified by the College of Education.  Students planning to specialize in foreign language education should apply through the Coordinator for Foreign Language Education during the first semester of the Sophomore year to obtain appropriate advising.  Licensure applications are the responsibility of the student and the Office of Teacher Education Advising, Licensure, and Recruitment (TEALR) in the College of Education.

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