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Undergraduate Catalog | 2019-2020 
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Department of Languages and Culture Studies

The Department of Languages and Culture Studies has designed its programs to develop language skills and to provide insights into foreign cultures through the study of language, culture, literature, and translation.  In addition to the majors, minors, and undergraduate certificates, courses in Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, and Portuguese are offered regularly, and Ancient and Modern Greek, Hebrew, Latin, Swahili, and other languages are offered on demand or through the NC Language Exchange.

Students interested in foreign language study are encouraged to explore the following options:

  • A single major in French, German, Japanese, or Spanish, based on the standard liberal arts model, with or without teaching licensure
  • A double major in a foreign language and another discipline or in two languages
  • A foreign language minor
  • A concentration in one or more languages to complement a major in another academic area
  • A concentration of courses leading to a certificate

Scholarships, Study Abroad, Awards

Scholarships for study and employment abroad are available to UNC Charlotte students of French, German, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. As a rule, applicants are required to be language majors or minors, or students in a departmental certificate program, to be eligible, and they must have completed the equivalent of at least two years of study in the language they propose to use abroad. The Department strongly encourages all students to participate in a study abroad program and sponsors exchange programs with universities in Brazil, Chile, China, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Russia, and Spain. The Department regularly presents the following awards: the Mary Jim Whitlow Award for Outstanding Student Achievement in Language Study; the Pierre Macy Award for Excellence in French; the Karl Gabriel, Robert Reimer, Charles Merrill, and Susan Cernyak-Spatz Scholarships for Excellence in German and Service to the German Program. For detailed information, contact the Department of Languages and Culture Studies.


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