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Undergraduate Catalog | 2018-2019 
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Placement/Proficiency Procedures

Placement and proficiency examinations are given to determine the appropriate courses for all new students. 

Foreign Language Proficiency Procedures

There are no foreign language requirements associated with the General Education Program. Students are required to take foreign language only if it is a requirement of their college or major department. The College of Arts + Architecture and the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences have a foreign language requirement.

All students within these colleges are required to demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language of their choice by completing coursework through at least the 1202 level. In order to meet this proficiency requirement, a student may: (1) complete the coursework at UNC Charlotte; (2) complete three years of the same language in high school through level three; (3) achieve a satisfactory score on the foreign language placement exam; (4) transfer in the equivalent courses from another institution; or (5) place out of or earn transfer or transient credit for 1201 and complete the 1202 course, or complete 1201 and place out of or earn transfer or transient credit for 1202. Additionally, students in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences may demonstrate proficiency by transferring in with an AA, AS, or AFA degree.

Although all students in the College of Arts + Architecture and College of Liberal Arts & Sciences are subject to the 1202 proficiency requirement, students in select departments will additionally have to satisfy a proficiency requirement through the intermediate (2000) level. Students should consult with their major department to determine whether or not they are required to complete the intermediate proficiency requirement.

Continuing students, who enrolled prior to Fall 2003 and successfully completed three units of the same foreign language in high school, are exempt from taking the language proficiency test and are considered proficient in that language for General Education; however, certain majors require additional foreign language coursework. Students who do not present three units of the same foreign language in high school must comply with the policy below.

Freshmen and transfers of all majors who entered UNC Charlotte before Fall 2003, are required to pass or place out of the 1102 or 1202 course level of a foreign language. Students who continue study of a language taken in high school must take a UNC Charlotte Foreign Language Placement Exam. These placement exams are offered in French, German, and Spanish during new student orientations and on a regular basis through the school year. Contact the Department of Languages and Culture Studies for additional information.

Mathematics Placement Procedures

All students, both freshmen and transfer, are placed into mathematics using their SAT or ACT scores if those scores are in Banner.  Students without these scores, but who are transferring in college-level transfer math credit, are placed based on the class level of the credit received.  If they are not transferring in the math credits required for their program of study, they must take a placement examination to determine their appropriate entry-level MATH course.

University Writing Program Placement Procedures for Non-Native Speakers of English

Placement in UWRT 1104  and UWRT 1103  is based on High School performance and SAT/ACT scores.  Students can see which UWRT class they are slated to take on their Banner advising transcript.  WRO4 indicates that students should register for UWRT 1104 .  WR03 indicates that they should register for UWRT 1103 .

Undergraduate degree students who are non-native speakers/writers of English have the option of taking either a typical UWRT 1104  course or a specially designated International section of UWRT 1104  that has both multilingual writers and U.S. domestic students.  The UWRT 1104  International section offers students extended opportunities to write in U.S. academic settings while engaging with issues of language difference and diversity in global settings.  In addition to taking UWRT 1104  International, students can use the Writing Resource Center (WRC) for additional support.  To learn more about UWRT 1104  International and the WRC, visit writing.uncc.edu.