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Undergraduate Catalog | 2020-2021 
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Dean of Students Office

The Dean of Students Office is a department within the Division of Student Affairs and serves as a key link between students and other areas of campus life.  The mission of the Dean of Students Office is to enhance student learning and interpersonal growth by serving as a resource for students and families navigating the Niner Nation journey.  Each program unit within the Dean of Students Office has a specific mission, but one common goal: to provide education, outreach, and support that maximizes opportunities to fully participate in and authentically contribute to the University experience.  Program areas housed within the Dean of Students Office include: the Multicultural Resource Center, New Student and Family Services, Student Assistance and Support Services, Student Conduct and Academic Integrity, and Veteran Services.  The Dean of Students Office, along with its programs and services, is the central point of contact when individuals want to get involved, need to resolve a conflict, have questions about policies and procedures, or are trying to identify campus resources and information that will put them on the path to success.  Through dedicated, passionate, and knowledgeable staff, the Dean of Students Office provides guidance and advocacy for students, empowers independent thinking and problem solving skills, exposes students to diverse perspectives, encourages personal accountability, and cultivates civility and global citizenship.

The main Dean of Students Office suite is located in King 217.  For more information, visit dso.uncc.edu.

Identity, Equity, and Engagement

The Office of Identity, Equity, and Engagement’s mission is to provide students an affirming and equitable environment committed to fostering a campus community that celebrates and supports expansion of identities through holistic development, education, and intentional engagement.  With student support and advocacy as a primary focal area, the office offers programs, resources, and experiences that enhance cultural competency and transparency.  Through dialogues, workshops, programming, transition initiatives, and student organizational support, the office provides students the opportunity to explore their own identity and/or the exploration of the heritage and culture of others.  The office promotes interaction with the University and Charlotte community through identity development of students, peer mentoring, leadership opportunities, and by offering ongoing education, programming, and training which explore the many facets of diversity, equity, and social justice.

The Office of Identity, Equity, and Engagement supports campus-wide programming, including the annual International Festival; Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration; cultural heritage months (Black History Month, Hispanic/Latino Heritage Month, Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage Month, etc.); conversation series; and LGBTQ+ outreach and education; as well as other special events.  The staff provides support to 100+ identity-based student organizations with programmatic efforts that support the office mission and purpose.

Additionally, the office assists in the holistic development of UNC Charlotte students by providing avenues to explore socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, as well as sexual, gender, religious, and spiritual identity and expression.  The office serves as an equity and justice resource for both University and community support sources.  Staff in the office also provide feedback and guidance to University administrators regarding best practices for inclusive institutional practices, policies, and procedures.

Safe Zone Program

The Safe Zone Program at UNC Charlotte creates an affirming and supportive campus climate through identifying and educating members of our campus community who are open to and supportive of all individuals’ sexual identity, gender identity, or gender expression.  The Safe Zone Program is an umbrella for all educational LGBTQ programming, including the Safe Zone Ally Program, Friendly Peer Training, and oversight of the Lavender Lounge. 

Safe Advising for Freshman Excellence (SAFE)

SAFE is a peer mentoring program designed to assist students academically transition through their first year of college.  The SAFE program connects new students with upper-class mentors who serve as role models during the first year of college and provide academic and student development programming to address needs in a holistic manner.  


New Student and Family Services

Gold Rush

Gold Rush is a week-long event in August and January welcoming both new and returning students to campus.  This program is a University-wide effort to especially welcome new students to campus and acclimate them to the many programs and services offered by the University.  All students are invited to participate in Gold Rush activities which include 49er New Year, dances, movies, prizes, cookouts, and other fun events.  Visit online at nsfs.uncc.edu.

New Student Orientation (SOAR)

Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR) occurs during the summer and immediately prior to the Fall and Spring semesters.  This program provides the opportunity for new first-year and transfer students to begin their transition to UNC Charlotte.  Orientation workshops, testing, academic advising, and first semester course registration occur during SOAR.  Visit online at soar.uncc.edu.

Niner Nation Family

Niner Nation Family is intended to engage UNC Charlotte parent and family members through quality services and programs.  These services and programs build positive relationships, enhance communication between students’ families and the University, and create an inclusive and comfortable environment.  Niner Nation Family membership is open to all parents and family members of current students.  Family members can join by visiting nsfs.uncc.edu.

Student Assistance and Support Services (SASS)

Student Assistance and Support Services (SASS) advocates for students experiencing a broad range of issues, concerns, or challenges interfering with a student’s ability to be successful academically or personally at UNC Charlotte.  SASS can advocate for students who may have missed classes due to medical appointments, personal or family emergencies, military orders or certain court orders, but do not have the authority to grant specific academic accommodations within the classroom setting.  SASS can provide verification of these types of absences via an online request form and official supporting documentation.  Faculty have full authority to provide academic accommodations and are encouraged to work with students directly.  The SASS office also oversees both the partial and full withdrawal with extenuating circumstances processes.  These academic options assist students who may need to reduce their course load or take a full break from academic work in a given semester.  Extenuating circumstances may include medical or mental health concerns, personal emergencies, or military orders.

Students can seek out support directly in the SASS office or may be referred to the office by faculty, staff, or other community members.  Professionals within the office also provide consultation to faculty and staff needing guidance regarding a student issue or concerning student behavior, and guidance and support to parents and family members seeking help on behalf of their students.  To learn more about these services, along with the additional services provided by SASS, visit sass.uncc.edu.

Student Conduct & Academic Integrity

The mission of Student Conduct & Academic Integrity is to uphold academic and community standards, encourage personal accountability and responsible decision making; promote student learning; and reduce and prevent behavior that undermines student success and community safety.  They are committed to providing a fair, impartial, and efficient process facilitated through compassionate conversations in which students are heard, respected, and treated with dignity.

As part of their individual responsibility to the University community, all UNC Charlotte students are expected to be familiar with University Policy 406, the Code of Student Responsibility, and University Policy 407, the Code of Student Academic Integrity.  Any person may report an alleged violation(s) of the Code of Student Responsibility or Code of Student Academic Integrity online at incidentreport.uncc.edu.  Individuals may report crimes or incidents involving imminent threat of harm to Police and Public Safety at 704-687-2200.  Visit scai.uncc.edu for more details.

Veteran Services

Veteran Services coordinates support services for military veteran and dependent students such as assistance with University administrative support, collaboration with Veterans Affairs counseling and healthcare services, veteran-friendly employment, mentoring, and veteran service organizations.  In addition, the Office of Veteran Services is responsible for administering and certifying veterans benefits through the Veterans Administration Office.  Finally, the office plans events on campus in honor of our nation’s servicemen and servicewomen, such as observances for Veterans Day, Memorial Day, POW/MIA Recognition Day, and 9/11 remembrance.  Visit online at veterans.uncc.edu.