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Undergraduate Catalog | 2020-2021 
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The Code of Student Responsibility

Philosophy and Purpose

The UNC Charlotte Code of Student Responsibility (the Code) provides that UNC Charlotte strives to assist students in their development by creating a community that values scholarship, integrity, respect, accountability, dignity, honor, compassion, character, and nobility.

The mission of the University student conduct process is to support the goals and objectives of the University and the values of the Noble Niner by (a) encouraging appropriate standards of individual and community responsibility; (b) fostering an environment of personal accountability for decisions; (c) promoting personal, social, and ethical development; and (d) striving to protect the well-being, health, safety, and property of all members of the University community.

In accordance with The University of North Carolina Board of Governors’ Policy 700.4.2:

  1. The University embraces and strives to uphold the freedoms of expression and speech guaranteed by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and the North Carolina Constitution. The University has the right under appropriate circumstances to regulate the time, place, and manner of exercising these and other constitutionally protected rights.
  2. All students are responsible for conducting themselves in a manner that helps enhance an environment of learning in which the rights, dignity, worth, and freedom of each member of the academic community are respected.
  3. Violations of University policies, rules or regulations, or federal, state, or local law may result in initiation of the Conduct Procedures and a violation(s) of the Code.
  4. In determining whether a Student or Student Organization has violated the Code, all relevant facts and circumstances shall be considered. Care must be exercised in order to preserve freedoms of speech and expression, as articulated in current legal standards. Advice should be sought from the Office of Legal Affairs, as appropriate.

Prohibited Conduct, Procedures, and Sanctions

Chapter 5 of the Code includes a list of behaviors that are prohibited by the Code, including, but not limited to, acts of harm, relationship violence, harassment, weapons violations, disruption of University activities, drug violations, furnishing false information, theft, vandalism, alcohol violations, sexual misconduct, trespassing, disorderly conduct, hazing, and retaliation.  For a full explanation of all conduct prohibited under the Code, consult Chapter 5 of the Code at legal.uncc.edu/policies/up-406#ch5.

Chapter 7 of the Code provides Conduct Procedures applicable for Formal Charge(s) adjudicated by a Hearing Panel or Administrative Hearing Officer under the Code.

Chapter 8 of the Code provides additional Conduct Procedures applicable to alleged Sexual and Interpersonal Misconduct.

Chapter 10 of the Code details possible sanctions imposed on Students or Student Organizations found responsible for violating the Code.

A full explanation of prohibited conduct, and a description of procedures used in cases where violations are alleged, including appeals processes, are found in the complete text of The Code of Student Responsibility, as it may be modified from time to time.  Students are advised to contact the Dean of Students Office or visit legal.uncc.edu/policies/up-406 to ensure they consult the most recent edition.