Jul 05, 2022  
Undergraduate Catalog | 2020-2021 
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Others Eligible for Admission

Escrow Program

The Escrow Program provides an opportunity for highly qualified students to take college credit courses while enrolled in secondary school. Records of credit earned will be maintained for use at the University or at another institution of higher learning. The program is designed for those students who have exhausted their course offerings at their high school and need to supplement their high school curriculum with college courses. The program is not designed for students who wish to take courses to fulfill high school requirements.

Applicants recommended for participation in the program usually have shown very advanced ability in particular academic areas. The recommendations are normally made by the secondary school principal and are reviewed by the Director of Undergraduate Admissions on an individual basis. Escrow students are not permitted to live in campus housing.

Requests for additional information and application forms should be directed to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Non-Degree Students

Non-degree students are those who are not seeking a degree at UNC Charlotte. On very rare occasions, if space is available, they may enroll in undergraduate courses at the University until they have attempted a total of 18 semester hours with grade evaluation. Students who did not gain admission to a degree-seeking program will not be admitted as a non-degree student. Admission as a non-degree student is up to the discretion of the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Regular degree students will have preference for places in classes. Non-degree students are expected to conform to the standards required of all students. After reaching the 18-hour limit, non-degree students must be reviewed and be acceptable for regular degree status before continuing at the University.

Non-degree students who have done previous college work (including UNC Charlotte) must be eligible to return to the institution last attended.

The student must be 18 years of age or over and must understand at the time of his/her registration that the work completed in non-degree student status will be evaluated in terms of major department and degree requirements only after the student’s formal admission to a degree program.

Visiting Students

Students enrolled at other colleges and universities who wish to take specified courses at the University in a given semester or term may be admitted as visiting students. They register on a space available basis after UNC Charlotte degree-seeking students and must submit a new application for each term they would like to attend as a visiting student. Visiting students are admitted for the Summer terms only. Visitors are not permitted to enroll for Fall or Spring semesters.