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Undergraduate Catalog | 2021-2022 
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Arts and Architecture, Honors Program

With the founding of the College of Arts + Architecture (CoA+A), an Arts and Architecture Honors Program (AAHP) was established to provide an enriched academic and interdisciplinary experience for the college’s most talented and self-motivated undergraduate students.  The AAHP is one of the primary initiatives that formally brings students together all units of the CoA+A.  The AAHP furthers the CoA+A’s goals of providing creative leadership for the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and greater Charlotte communities by encouraging and developing the full potential of its outstanding students.  AAHP students take an active and engaged role in their own education within an interdisciplinary curriculum built on the shared nature of the built, visual, and performing arts.  AAHP students not only explore connections between their various artistic disciplines, but also between the arts and the community.  For additional details and application forms, visit the College of Arts + Architecture Honors website at coaa.uncc.edu/college/honors.

Course Requirements

Introductory Course (2 credit hours)

Thesis Course (3 credit hours)

This is an independent study course an AAHP student enrolls in with his or her Honors Thesis Advisor.  It is taken during the student’s final semester, and they must earn a grade of A.  A student selects a Thesis Advisor during the Application to Candidacy process.  Enrolling in this course is done only during a student’s final semester and is required for completing the honors thesis and our program.  All AAHP coursework must be completed before enrolling in AAHP 3900 AAHP 3900  is offered to an AAHP student after he or she successfully completes the Application to Candidacy process.  The Application to Candidacy process is required for all students at UNC Charlotte completing an honors thesis.  Please note:  the Application to Candidacy process is undertaken during a student’s penultimate semester (i.e., the semester before she or he enrolls in AAHP 3900 ).  The process begins with a consultation with the AAHP Director.  The process, which includes writing and researching a thesis proposal as well as forming a thesis committee of three faculty members, must be signed off on and submitted to the Honors College by Reading Day of the semester.  Students do not receive any AAHP course credit for the Application to Candidacy work they undertake during the semester before enrolling in AAHP 3900 .  See coaa.uncc.edu/college/honors for more details and the Application to Candidacy form. 

Grade Requirements

In order to graduate with the Arts + Architecture honors distinction, candidates must have a 3.5 cumulative GPA and complete the requirements outlined above.