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Undergraduate Catalog | 2021-2022 
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Housing and Residence Life

University towers, suites, and apartments offer students a variety of living arrangements. 

Residence Halls

Three tower halls house a combination of either two students in each room or single rooms.  Each room is equipped with beds, dressers, study desks, chairs, and closets or wardrobes.  Holshouser Hall also has two-bedroom, four-person suites on each floor.  Each of these suites has a den and a bathroom in each unit.  Each floor has a central lounge, plus study and seminar rooms. Two elevators service each air-conditioned building.  Each building also contains an office for the full-time professional staff (Residence Education Coordinator), a vending area, a lounge, and a laundry room.  A meal plan is required in the tower halls.


Dependent upon the building, single bedroom options are available in one-, two-, three-, and four-bedroom units.  Double bedroom options allow four residents to live together with two occupants sharing each bedroom.  All suites have a shared den area and bathroom in each unit.  All residents living in suites are required to have a meal plan.


On-campus apartments offer students a more private living environment and require a more self-reliant lifestyle.  Most apartments are four-bedroom units, with one student assigned to each bedroom.  The four students share a bathroom area and kitchen, complete with appliances and a living/dining space.  Levine Hall offers four-bedroom apartments in addition to suites.  Belk Hall offers a limited number of one-bedroom apartments in addition to the traditional four-bedroom apartment units.  A meal plan is optional for upper-class students, allowing students the experience of buying and preparing their own food, if they so desire.

Greek Village

Greek Village houses up to thirteen fraternities, sororities, and, in some cases, independent students.  Each house has a chapter/living room and kitchen for common use and holds 28 or 14 students. 

Summer Housing

For information about summer housing, please contact the Housing and Residence Life Office.

Applying For Housing

Students who plan to live on campus should apply as soon as possible, as assignments are made according to a combination of factors including: date of completed application, community preferences, roommate requests, space availability, class year, and building/room preferences.  Application for housing may be made online at housing.uncc.edu following the student’s admission to the University.  For new student applicants, a $200 deposit is required with the application in order for it to be considered complete.

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Housing facilities designed specifically for students in wheelchairs are available.  Wheelchair users who receive confirmation of residential space have priority in assignment to these facilities as long as the University is able to offer space.  It is extremely important that the housing application is received before all space is committed so that this priority for assignment to appropriate facilities can be exercised.  Students utilizing wheelchairs may be considered for priority status on the waiting list on the basis of:  (1) the date of completed application and (2) the degree of utilization of wheelchair-equipped facilities as compared to the proportion of wheelchair students who apply.

Assignment to a disability accessible housing space requires documentation of the disability and special needs in accommodations by the Office of Disability Services.  Documentation must be provided to Disability Services when the housing application is submitted and no later than June 1.  The University does not assume any responsibility for the provision of attendants for students with disabilities.  Such arrangements are entirely the responsibility of the individual student and should be established well in advance of the time the services are to begin.