Oct 01, 2023  
Undergraduate Catalog | 2022-2023 
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Languages and Culture Studies: Business French, Undergraduate Certificate

The Certificate in Languages and Culture Studies: Business Languages program (CBL) provides classroom, overseas (optional), and practical training in French for international business, which may also be recognized by international examinations.  The certificate requires 15 credit hours.  Beginning with an alternative fourth-semester course, the sequence continues with advanced-level coursework that includes a two-semester component in advanced business French.  Majors in any field are welcome.

Certificate Requirements

Elective Courses (9 credit hours)

Select any three FREN courses at the 3000 level or above.  FREN 4410  will also be accepted.

Total = 15 Credit Hours

Grade Requirements

In order to be awarded the CBL, each course that counts for the certificate must be completed with a grade of B or above.