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Undergraduate Catalog | 2021-2022 
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DTSC 1302 - Data and Society B

An introduction to data acquisition, models, and analytic methods for interpreting data and developing hypotheses in the context of the interdisciplinary field of Critical Data Studies.  Critical Data Studies seeks to track, analyze, and transform the use of large data sets across a variety of domains, including the health sciences, security and surveillance technologies, social media, marketing and business, government and public policy, and other uses of aggregative and algorithmic data science.  With resources from Critical Data Studies, students learn how to use statistical methods/tools and scripting programming languages to explore social problems and the ethical implications of collecting and using tabular data.

Credit Hours: (3)
Corequisite(s): DTSC 1301 ; and STAT 1220 , STAT 1221 , or STAT 1222  
General Education Requirement(s) Satisfied: Social Sciences
Most Recently Offered (Day): Fall 2020, Fall 2020, Fall 2021
Most Recently Offered (Evening): Course has not been offered at this time in the past 3 years

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