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GEOG 8120 - Spatial Statistics

Introduction to modern spatial statistics methods and their applications for the analysis of spatial data.  Fundamental characteristics of spatial data, including spatial dependence, stationarity, and isostropy are covered.  Three main categories of spatial statistics are given focus: spatial point pattern analysis, spatial prediction and geostatistics, and spatial regression.  Hands-on practices are given to facilitate the understanding of theories and methods of spatial statistics.

Credit Hours: (3)
Prerequisite(s): GRAD 8101  or equivalent
Cross-listed Course(s): GEOG 6120 , GRAD 6104 , GRAD 8104 , and INES 8090 
Most Recently Offered (Day): Spring 2020, Spring 2019
Most Recently Offered (Evening): Course has not been offered at this time in the past 3 years

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