May 31, 2023  
Undergraduate Catalog | 2015-2016 
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Department of Economics

The study of Economics offers students a problem-solving discipline to foster their intellectual and career development. It provides students with a balanced and broad educational background and prepares them to choose from a wide range of career alternatives.

The Economics program explores the economic decisions of individuals, businesses, governments, and other institutions. It examines the nature of economic activity, why it takes place, and how it affects everyone’s lives. The program includes elective courses that enable students to tailor their educational program to meet personal needs and interests. The study of economics also helps students develop a way of thinking that is logical and rigorous. It provides decision-making tools that they can apply to personal as well as business decisions and use to address the many economic decisions they will face in the future.

Degree Programs

The Department of Economics offers two programs leading to the Bachelor of Science degree. Students who plan to pursue careers in business-related fields such as banking, finance, and international commerce, or who plan to enter an MBA program, are encouraged to elect the Major in Economics with a Business Concentration program. Students planning to pursue a career in education or the social sciences, enter graduate school in economics, or attend law school are encouraged to pursue the Major in Economics with a Liberal Arts Concentration.

Prerequisite Courses

All majors in Economics must complete COMM 3160 - Business Communications  prior to registering for any 4000-level Economics course. Students transferring into the Economics program as a Senior must complete COMM 3160  their first semester in the program.

It is recommended that students who plan graduate work in economics complete MATH 1241 , ECON 4100 , and, as available, ECON 4112  and ECON 4117 . Also, they should consider additional work in mathematics but should consult with an Academic Advisor concerning specific courses.