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Undergraduate Catalog | 2016-2017 
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Sociology, B.A.

Degree Requirements

A Major in Sociology leading to the B.A. degree consists of a minimum of 32 credit hours of sociology courses with a minimum of 120 total credit hours, completion of general education, and a related work of 18 credit hours or minor or double major.  All Sociological Theory Core courses, Sociological Research Methods, and Quantitative Analysis courses are restricted to majors and minors only.  Some double majors may only have 31 credit hours of approved sociology courses with substitution of Research Methods courses: Psychology, Criminal Justice, and Political Science.  At least three credit hours designated (W) must be in the major.

General Education Courses (37-43 credit hours)

For details on required courses, refer to the General Education program 

Foundation Course (3 credit hours)

Restricted Elective Courses (minimum 18 credit hours)

Within the 18 hours of sociology elective courses, students must have at least 12 credit hours of sociology courses at the 3000-level or above.  No more than 6 credit hours of sociology electives at the 2000 level will be calculated in the completion of the major. 

Related Courses (minimum 18 credit hours)

A minimum of 18 credit hours of related coursework must be completed for graduation.  This can be done by a minor, double major, or related work approved by the department.

Concentration Courses (12 credit hours)

Students can, if desired, complete a concentration in one of three substantive areas as part of the B.A. degree. The three areas are: Sociological Social Psychology; Social Problems and Policy; and Organizations, Occupations, and Work. Each concentration will require a total of four (4) courses, in which one is a required course for the specific concentration and the other three courses are selected from an approved list of electives for the specific concentration. A grade of C or above must be earned in the required course and a GPA of 2.5 must be earned in the concentration. These courses will not add to the total number of hours required for the major, but will count toward the elective hours already required for the major.

Unrestricted Elective Courses

As needed.

Degree Total = 120 Credit Hours

Grade Requirements

All Major Courses above must be completed with a grade of C or above.  Majors are allowed a maximum of three attempts, which include any grade of D, F, or W, of any of the courses to fulfill their major requirements.

Honors Program

For details about the Honors Program in Sociology, visit the program page .

Suggested Curriculum

For the suggested course sequence toward completing the major, please see the Academic Plan of Study available online at  Consultation with an advisor is required.