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Graduate Catalog | 2019-2020 
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Dining, Housing, and Parking

Dining And Meal Plans

Meal Plans, the 49er Account, and the Optional Dining Account all reside on the UNC Charlotte 49er ID Card.

A Meal Plan purchase provides these advantages:

  • Convenience: One card for all campus dining purchases
  • Variety: many places to eat on campus
  • Flexibility and Lifestyle: Meal plans to fit everyone’s dining needs; night and weekend dining
  • Favorite Flavors: Many popular, national brands
  • Dietary Preferences: Vegetarian, vegan, and healthy options available at every meal

For a listing of available dining locations, menus, Meal Plans, and Meal Plans Policies, visit aux.uncc.edu/dining/meal-plans.


The below figures are 2017-2018 rates per semester and include rent, all utilities, cable TV service, Internet connectivity, Wi-Fi, weekly laundry allowance (where applicable), and membership in the Resident Students Association (RSA).  Prices and plans are subject to change.  Current pricing can be found online at housing.uncc.edu/apply/rates.

Type Fee
Apartment $4150 - $5025
Greek Village $4265 - $4854
Tower/Residence Hall - Double Room $3075 - $3485
Tower/Residence Hall - Single Room (if available) $4120 - $4270
Suite $3890 - $4800

Admission to UNC Charlotte does not guarantee residence hall space.  Arrangements for on-campus housing are made, after admission, with the Office of Housing and Residence Life.  Shared Residence Hall space is not available to spouses or children of enrolled students.

Housing Deposit

A $200 deposit must be submitted with all housing contracts.  The deposit is not applied toward payment of fees. It is refunded only after the student has left on-campus housing and only if the student has met all financial obligations to the University.  In the case of contract cancellation, the date of receipt of the written request for cancellation will determine, in part, the student’s financial obligation to the University (please see the Housing Contract for the current academic year for specific terms and cancellation dates).


Students attending UNC Charlotte (as well as faculty and staff) are required to register their motor vehicle(s) in order to park on campus.  Vehicle registration and virtual permit purchase is available online.  Virtual permits are required at all times when parked on campus, unless parked in a visitor parking area or at a meter.  For students, two categories of virtual permits are issued: Resident (for students living on-campus) and Commuter (for students living off-campus).

For the 2018-2019 academic year, the annual rate for a resident or full-time commuter student is $465.  Please reference pats.uncc.edu for the most current list of fees and complete permit information, including where each type of virtual permit allows you to park.  Full-time virtual permits are valid from August 15 of one year through August 14 of the following year.  Semester permits are available for those graduating in December or wish to only purchase one semester at a time.

Two-day, discount remote lot, and night permits are available to commuters at a reduced rate.  Night permits and two-day permits are sold by the semester.  Night permits are valid only after 3 p.m.  Parking before 3 p.m. requires parking and payment at the meters or in a visitor space.  Two-day permits are valid on specified weekdays; parking on any other day requires payment at meters or in a visitor space.

The primary factor that determines permit prices is the cost of new deck construction and replacing flat lots with decks.  Neither tuition dollars nor state funds are used toward parking facilities; therefore, parking fees must pay for construction and maintenance of all decks, lots, and associated operations.

Penalties for Parking Violations

Violators of University parking regulations are subject to monetary penalties ranging from $20 to $465, depending on the severity of the violation.  Copies of parking regulations are available online.  Additionally, citations enforced and penalties assessed can be found online at pats.uncc.edu.  If a citation is not paid or appealed within ten (10) business days, the penalty will be applied to the student’s account with the University.  Subsequent registration may be withheld for non-payment.  Parking and Traffic regulations are enforced 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Currently, permits are enforced at all times, and meters are enforced from 5 a.m. on Monday through 10 p.m. on Friday.

The Parking and Transportation Services website, pats.uncc.edu, is where you’ll find the UNC Charlotte parking ordinances, all parking policy information, virtual permit and citation FAQs and updates, and changes or disruptions to parking areas.  Information about the campus bus service and ADA Para-Transit services may also be found there.

Questions concerning parking on campus should be directed to Parking and Transportation Services Communications Center at 704-687-0161, 5 a.m. on Monday through 10 p.m. on Friday, except on University Holidays or when the University is closed.  Office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday-Friday.  Emergency situations and questions at other times should be directed to the Campus Police at 704-687-2200.