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Undergraduate Catalog | 2021-2022 
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Art, Art Education Concentration, B.F.A.

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The Department of Art and Art History offers a program of Art and Education courses to prepare students for K-12 Art Education licensure in North Carolina.  Students should contact the Arts Education Specialist as soon as possible for advising.  A decision later than freshman year to seek licensure may result in a delayed graduation date.  Forms for the degree requirements and licensure requirements are available in the department office or on the Department of Art and Art History website

Admission Requirements

Continuing Students

  • Minimum GPA:  2.7 overall GPA is required to apply to Teacher Education
  • Pre-Major/Prerequisite Courses:   
  • Other:  Achieve passing scores on Praxis Core (or prove exemption via test scores)
  • Declaration of Major:  All applicants seeking admission to the B.F.A. program must be currently enrolled in the B.A. in Art degree program at UNC Charlotte (see the B.A. in Art  for admission requirements).  Students should complete the Application to Teacher Education, which includes a signed Professional Dispositions statement and clear criminal background check.  Candidates then take ARTA 3201  (which may be repeated once).  If completed successfully, students may begin upper-level coursework in Art and Education. 
  • Progression Requirements:  To progress to student teaching, students must earn a minimum 2.75 GPA in all Art and Education courses and a minimum 2.5 GPA overall.  All Art and Education coursework must be grade of C or above.  Students must also earn a grade of B or above in Student Teaching and pass Praxis II: Art Content and Analysis to be recommended for licensure.


Degree Requirements

College Prospect for Success Course (2 credit hours)

All new freshmen in the College of Arts + Architecture must take the following:

General Education Courses (32 credit hours)

For details on required courses, refer to the General Education Program .  Both Writing Intensive (W) courses and the Oral Communications (O) course are fulfilled by courses in the major.

Students intending to earn either the B.F.A. in Art or the B.A. in Art should take three ARTB 120x courses, and one ARTH course (ARTH 1211 , ARTH 1212 , or ARTH 2110 ) in the first semester of their Freshman year.  All of the General Education courses should be organized around the Art requirements.  It is usually not possible to graduate in four years without taking this number of Art courses right away.  Prerequisite sequencing dictates the time to graduation, and all students should become thoroughly familiar with the course descriptions. 

Foreign Language Requirement (0-6 credit hours)

Students in this major are required to demonstrate proficiency in the language of their choice through the 1202 level.  Proficiency can be demonstrated in one of the following ways:

  • Completing the required coursework at UNC Charlotte
  • Completing three years of the same foreign language in high school through level three
  • Achieving a satisfactory score on the foreign languages placement test (in Spanish, French, or German)
  • Through approved transfer or transient credit earned at a college or university accredited by an accepted accrediting body
  • A combination of the above methods (e.g., placing out of or earning transfer or transient credit for 1201 and completing the 1202 course, completing 1201 and placing out of or earning transfer or transient credit for 1202)

Click here for a list of courses that meet the College of Arts + Architecture’s foreign language requirement. 


Major Courses (46 credit hours)

Studio Courses (21 credit hours)

Elective Studio Courses (15 credit hours)

  • One 2000-level course from ARTC (Ceramics), ARTF (Fibers), or ARTZ (Sculpture) (3)
  • One more 2000-level course from a different area than above of ARTC, ARTF, or ARTZ (3)
  • One elective course from any level, any studio area (3)
  • Two studio courses at the 3000-level from a single (i.e., the same) studio area (6)

BFA Portfolio Review Course (1 credit hour)


* Transfer students must take these courses at UNC Charlotte.

Unrestricted Elective Courses

As needed to complete the credit hours required for graduation.

Degree Total = 120-122 Credit Hours

Academic Advising

All Art, Graphic Design, and Art History majors are required to meet with the Academic Advisor in the Department of Art and Art History each semester.  Students will not be able to register for any course at UNC Charlotte without attending the mandatory advising meetings. The Academic Advisor is available year-round.

Career mentoring in studio, graphic design, art history, and art education is offered by individual faculty members who are active professionals in those areas of study. Contact is best done by email or telephone. Most professors are available for appointments from the first day of classes until the last day of classes each Fall and Spring semester.  Requirements for degrees and minors, as well as 4-year B.F.A. calendars, are available in the Department of Art and Art History office and online at art.uncc.edu.

Students seeking to confirm that General Education graduation requirements are met should use the automated DegreeWorks system online in My UNC Charlotte.  Those seeking confirmation of Art requirements must contact the Academic Advisor.

Grade Requirements

Students must receive a grade of C or above in all courses applied to the major (a grade of B or above is required in ARTE 2100  for students in the Concentration in Art Education).  Students cannot advance to the next course in a sequence until a grade of C or above is earned in prerequisite courses (a grade of B or above is required in ARTE 2100  for students in the Concentration in Art Education). 

Honors Program

For details about the Arts + Architecture Honors Program, visit the AAHP program page .

Transfer Credit

All transfer courses are automatically reviewed by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.  Students seeking to appeal the official transfer designations for ARTx courses must provide the Department Academic Advisor with copies of the official course descriptions and a syllabus for each course requested for consideration.  Portfolios of creative work from each of the individual studio courses may also be required.

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