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Undergraduate Catalog | 2023-2024 
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Leadership, Innovation, Technology, and Diversity, Undergraduate Certificate

The Undergraduate Certificate in Leadership, Innovation, Technology, and Diversity is offered by the LEADS program within the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences.  It provides students with an additional layer of experiential learning and individualized support to supplement their major curriculum. Students who complete the LEADS certificate in Leadership, Innovation, Technology, and Diversity develop and execute a professional plan of action and are well prepared to translate their experiences and abilities as they enter their career or graduate/professional studies.  The certificate may be pursued concurrently with any undergraduate degree programs at UNC Charlotte.

All program-level Admissions and Progression Requirements are in addition to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte Admission Requirements .

Admission Requirements

To be admitted into the LEADS Certificate in Leadership, Innovation, Technology and Diversity, students must meet the general University requirements for admission into Undergraduate Certificate Programs. These University level requirements include:

  • An undergraduate degree or admission to an undergraduate degree program at UNC Charlotte
  • An application submitted to the Registrar if applicant already holds an undergraduate degree, or to the department offering the program if applicant does not hold an undergraduate degree
  • Official transcripts for previous degree(s) and coursework
  • A Declaration of Program form (Change of Major/Minor form) listing the certificate program

In addition, students should have successfully completed CLAS 2600  with a grade of C or above.

Certificate Requirements

LEADS Foundation Course (1 credit hour)


  • CTCM 2530  credit should be through LEADS specific sections. Students who have received credit for a non-LEADS section of CTCM 2530  may substitute an additional LEADS elective course.
  • CLAS 3000  may be repeated for credit with change in topics.
  • LEADS elective credit may also be earned through departmental credits for LEADS approved courses.

LEADS Capstone Course (3 credit hours)

Students should complete their capstone experience during their Senior year, following completion of all other requirements.

Certificate Total = 10 Credit Hours

Progression Requirements

Students must earn grades of C or above in all LEADS courses. Students must earn a grade of B or above in CLAS 4800 .