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Undergraduate Catalog | 2023-2024 
Undergraduate Catalog | 2023-2024

Reading Education, M.Ed., Early Entry

Exceptional undergraduate students at UNC Charlotte may apply to this Early Entry Program to begin work toward a graduate degree before completion of the baccalaureate degree.  

All program-level Admissions and Progression Requirements are in addition to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte Admission Requirements .

Admission Requirements

Current UNC Charlotte Undergraduate Students

  • See University Admission Requirements ​ 
  • Completion of at least 60 undergraduate credit hours (although it is expected that close to 75 credit hours will have been earned by the time the first graduate course is taken)
  • Minimum 3.2 overall undergraduate GPA
  • Submit application online at  and provide supporting documents
  • Recommendation by the Graduate Program Director and approved by the Graduate School

Progression Requirements

  • Completion of Early Entry Program Form, and approved by the Undergraduate Coordinator, Graduate Program Director, and Graduate School, prior to registering for graduate coursework each semester
  • Maintain a minimum 3.0 overall undergraduate GPA
  • Undergraduate students are allowed to take only 15 hours of graduate credit before they have completed their baccalaureate degree

Special Policies or Requirements

Up to 12 credit hours earned at the graduate level may be substituted for required undergraduate hours (i.e., up to 12 credit hours of graduate coursework may be double-counted toward both the undergraduate and graduate degrees). For Elementary Education students in the Minor in Education program, the following 9 hours may count towards both the minor and M.Ed. in Reading:

Undergraduate Course Graduate Course Substitute
Exploration of Traditional and New Literacies requirement READ 6300 - Global Literacy in a Multicultural World: Genre Study (3)
Meeting the Needs of Unique Readers requirement READ 6204 - Teaching Reading to English Language Learners (3)
 READ 3255 - Integrating Reading and Writing Across Content Areas (3)  

READ 6252 - K-12 Writing Development and Instruction (3)
or READ 6255 - Middle/Secondary Reading and Writing (3)

READ 4270 - Investigating Reading Curriculum (3)   READ 6252 - K-12 Writing Development and Instruction (3)
or READ 6255 - Middle/Secondary Reading and Writing (3)

For additional details on Early Entry to Graduate Programs, see the “Degree Requirements and Academic Policies” section of the Graduate Catalog and the Graduate Admissions website at

For details about the full requirements for this degree program, see the program listing in the Graduate Catalog.